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I want to give you the clap!

What?  Why would I do that?  Of course, I am assuming you are old enough to know what the clap is………check HERE if you don’t LOL.

No, it’s applause I mean.  A big, rowdy acclamation that you guys are the BEST!


Pop open the champers, drop the net of balloons and streamers.


There’s a long way to go still.  And many more posts to be read (if you have a topic of interest, let me know BTW).  And we have launches to plan for: Toldyah website, mobile app, etc.  But it’s a start!

Where are we right now?

Make Me Famous – the Facebook page is up and running…… please join it and pass on to your friends.  If you know anyone who uploads videos they can link on this page to help spread the word. Let’s make people famous!

Toldyah – Facebook and Twitter pages are up and running, although on slow burn at the mo.

MEGA – has honed my pitch (more refinements to be made but am loving it right now).

Bizness Babes – has the bones of the business plan sorted – will be in a final draft at the end of today!

Things to do:

Source funding to build website and mobile phone apps

Develop and launch viral campaign


It’s getting closer now – so soon you’ll be able to say “See, I Toldyah”.


I, Toldyah.


Coffee – wherefore art thou?

Be gentle today dear readers, it’s day 4 without coffee for me.

I’m not the greatest caffeine addict – only 2 coffees a day and rarely ever a coke.  But that morning wake up cuppa, and the evening wind down slurp after kid in bed are my little treats, little hugs of happiness to congratulate me for making it through the day *grin*.

And for 4 days they have been missing.  Aaargh.  You see – Gastro-Gate on the weekend was bad, and I am SCARED to go back to it.  Whilst my tummy still bubbles away menacingly the coffee machine is staying firmly switched off.   I look longingly my special Monopoly man coffee cup – a gift from a friend to remind me that THIS year I was going to make Toldyah a reality and become a squillionaire. But no coffee today…..

Alrighty, snap out of it woman – enough moaning about caffeine cravings….

Time for some work! MEGA is tonight – must get prepared and be ready to push forward my ideas, need to get Toldyah developed properly.

So let’s take stock of where we are:

  • We have the concept – which is undergoing transformation via MEGA to make it a better business proposition.
  • We have the business planning underway via BiznessBabes course
  • We have the business name
  • We have domain names and logo

And there endeth the lesson………. I need to get a website designed. And I need to develop a launch plan that will have billions of people flocking to the site the instant I launch it (should be easy shouldnt it….).  Today I will work on the rules and requirements for the website, and the mood board for the look of the business. Fantastic – that’s my day planned – how about yours?

Fingers crossed that by 4pm when I jump on a train for the city I may even be able to grab a Gloria Jeans coffee………..  And that means tomorrow I may even be able to have some of that poor abandoned easter chocky!

In the words of the great Homer Simpson: Mmmmmmmmm, caffeine and chocky.

I, Toldyah