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Walking with secrets….. SHHHHH!

I am so excited…. I mean really, really hyper-excited, bursting at the seams in fact.

You see – I have a secret. One that will blow my daughter’s mind and cause a significant amount of screaming “Mummy you are the best ever” – which of course was my aim.

I discovered late last week that Walking with Dinosaurs Arena Spectacular is coming back to Australia……

Bethie’s greatest obsession, made real, her paleontologist dreams come true.  Better even than digging up fossilised dino poop or thundereggs…. (read here for more on that topic).

dino walkI immediately began to plan my assault on the Visa card presale: seating plans, closeness factor for a T-rex stare down, timing for credit card transfers, internet failure preparedness through media back ups (phone, ipad etc). It was war on every other parent of a dino obsessed child.  I needed those tickets…. they had to be mine.

Since the junior dino admirer has a birthday in January and the show is in March, we decided it was a perfect birthday present.  And what birthday gift is complete without those you love and obsess over turning up for the party…. so we added a meet and greet to the package… we don’t know whom will grace us with their scary over-sized presence, but it is sure to be a moment to remember.

BrachiosaurusSo there I was, visa card, seating plan, back up devices at the ready….tick tick tick…. roll on midday.  And then, just as I lift my finger to refresh the Ticketek page for the 117th time… the work phone rings.   Nooooooo. I wont answer. Wait, dammit, it’s the CEO…… I have to answer.  Tick tick tick…. 30 seconds to midday and my daughter’s nirvana. Ring ring, what to do….  WHAT TO DO… ok, 22 seconds to go – refresh page and answer phone…. CLICK- REFRESH. Hello? Oh, wrong person, sorry. I wanted Mario!  Bye then, Mr CEO. Slam down phone.  7 seconds to go, 2 breaths, refresh page, and…. GO TO WAR!!!!!!!!!

The race is on….. quick – put in code word. Bugger – what was code word, oh yeah, VISA lol. Breathe – dont panic. Enter password to login – WHAT THE – I already did this…. enter password, get to offer page. OH NO, it’s different to when I was practicing, where do I choose meet and greet, wait, what date am I choosing – ah – there it is. Click, click, click, add Visa card number. Waiting…. and COMPUTER SAYS NO…..

computer-says-noWHATTTTTTTTTT – it is NOT the wrong number, oh wait – that was the old number put in automatically by Ticketek, the old card number before delightful scammers ripped off my deets from a retailer.  Put in new one….funds declined………. NO NO NO…… they are in there…….. oh wait – got the expiry date wrong.  Breathe, breathe.  Type, Click and DONE!!!!!!!! I feel like there should be a fanfare as the page reloads confirming my purchase.

Perfect tickets – best I ever managed to get.

Now – how do I not tell her for 58 days?????????  Thank goodness she can’t read well enough for the blog yet!

Do you have a lil one (or big one) whom would love a chance to see these multi million year old goliaths in action?  Visa pre-sale is over but the tickets are on sale at Ticketek from Friday this week.  Grab some and come say hi – we will be the ones down the front holding back a 6-year-old from diving into the jurassic mosh pit!

Time to pull out the Walking With Dinosaurs DVDs and start preparing for the journey back in time.

I, Toldyah