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A sign of the times………..

Social Media is big business these days.  It is a platform that reaches people whilst they work, play, even sleep!  No other medium has ever had such exposure!  We tweet the brekkie menu, upload pics of the slammin’ night out as we eat the 3am manky kebab (and then try desperately to remove them the next morning before the wrong person sees them).  We status update the latest family argument, and we send birthday messages rather than phone. And it seems we tweet our impending doom prior to it arriving – truly a sign of our times isn’t  it:

Sounds like I am complaining huh?  But I am not.  I use FB, Twitter and Google + everyday.  Many times a day.  I have avoided getting a Smart Phone cos I KNOW what will happen then!  But that day is coming very soon, I need one for the business. Can you hear the slow drum beat rolling me towards my doom…

(And BTW – HTC – if you are reading – I would LOVE a Sensation…..pleaseeee, even though it does seem to mean I am moving to Telstra for it!)

On the upside, I now speak with my UK and Dutch cousins on a frequent basis, and have shared a lot of family history that would otherwise have been lost.  And I see pics and updates about friends interstate in real-time, as do they of my family. Whether they want to or not hehehe.

And then there are the other uses – commercial gain from entertaining the masses.  Which is where Toldyah is about to strike!  But more on that later.  I have been trolling the ethers for funny commentaries on Social Media and thought I would share them to lighten the day.

Richard Branson uses Twitter to update his good deeds – and make some political statements – I love him for putting himself out there – stay true Sir Richard!

And then there are those funny status updates…….. there is always a friend like Mr Red isn’t there…….you just pray it aint YOU!

And some other tweets and FB status offerings: The Bosha one is my fave – please turn up this Saturday at my place with paintbrushes!

____ People who claim to “play music by ear” always use their hands. (donni)
____ is organizing a flash mob at my place, Thursday 3pm. Bring lawnmowers. (TheBosha)
____ Some days I ask, “What would Chewbacca do?” And the answer is always, “Make that gargly roaring sound.” So that’s what I do. (RexHuppke)
____ I’d like to learn one of those clicking languages from Africa because I get the feeling my knees are trying to tell me something. (plemur)

____ Sometimes I like to go to the hardware store and run around with a screwdriver shouting, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a drill!” (girlweena)
____ The Internet makes things so convenient. Before it existed, if you wanted to order a DVD online, you had to invent the Internet. (StephenAtHome)
____ After intensive research I have determined that there is no type of juice that a double shot of vodka doesn’t improve. (navanax)
____ That’s me in the corner. That’s me with my i-Phone, losing my reception. (depreciated)

Well, enough mucking around – time to do some work – catch yah

I, Toldyah.

Espionage is my middle name

Mum was English, so I was brought up with good manners beaten into me.

Don’t chew with your mouth open, give your seat up to the elderly on a bus, don’t read the newspaper over someone’s shoulder, and never, EVER, EVER eavesdrop on other people’s conversations.  Talk about taking the fun out of a morning bus trip to the city, you had to pretend you were Helen Keller!

Makes it hard sometimes.  In business you have to be a bit ruthless, gathering intelligence on your target market in ways that mum would never have approved of because having to buy that data is very expensive, especially when you are talking about Gen Y – those untrusting souls.

So I send out surveys, and ask opinions of those Gen Y’s I know (and thank you all – I am very grateful and will repay you when I am a mogul).  But it isn’t enough – I need more data!

So there I was yesterday afternoon – in between my day business school session (last one at Bizness Babes *sob*) and my MEGA evening course, on a train to the second location.  It was later afternoon and a group of school girls got on and were standing beside me.  Ah ha – my target market.  Come here my pretties…..

Ok – that sounds creepy – forget that, I actually sat very still so I wouldn’t frighten them off and appeared to be studying the train line map intently.

Strangely, there wasnt a Smart Phone to be seen amongst the group of 8.  Unusual…..  but then they were very deep in discussion, so perhaps this was a social no-no in such circumstances.

I could hear mum in my head….. NO listening.  And my replying “but mum – target market……. this could be a goldmine and its FREE”.  My stinginess won out over ethics.  That’s the Dutch bit of me – hehe.  So I listened whilst I stared at the map, and made mental notes of what was worthy of their time.  Haircuts, hair colours, weekend party and what to wear. Whether Lady Gaga ever wears normal clothes (LOL), had to concentrate very hard on the map so I wouldnt smile at that point.  Then their talk turned to makeup – and why makeup for old ladies was so expensive……I figured they were talking about Clarins, Estee Lauder etc that old ladies like me wear……  I was just starting to feel depressed as they got off the train – a few more minutes of that conversation and I may have gone and bought myself a zimmer frame.

But it was a huge win – and a great insight into uncensored interests of my target market – info that is critical for Toldyah.  I think I might go ride the trains for a week or two from 7.30-9.30am and 3-5pm and gather more intelligence.  ASIO would be so proud of me.

Let’s just hope I don’t get picked up as a stalker!

I, Toldyah