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M.I.A. – send in the clowns!

Yes – she’s back – I hear you all cheering – woo hoo!  Apologies dear readers, I’ve been MIA, leaving you breathless in anticipation of my next commentary.

Fear not – I am back.

Not that I went anywhere – just busy preparing to return to work.  And getting things organised for some other plans I have *wink*

But I see there has been plenty to keep you all amused in my absence, I mean, politics around the globe is one giant sitcom if nothing else.  It’s a wonder that one of the major networks hasn’t snapped up an option on the Aussie parliament for a series: Wheel of National Fortune – the way our pollies perform there would be a number of Oscars awarded!   And now, the award for the best performance of a politician looking like they give a damn goes to……….  gee – just too many to pick from isn’t there!

Then we have the financial situation, geeeeeees, talk about gambling with people’s loves to get your jollies.  How many pensioners have been nuked?  How many homeowners are about to be destroyed as they lose their jobs?  Will Aussies survive intact again, or is our luck all used up? Scary times.

On a brighter note, I have been spending time playing with some news toys – a Panasonic TZ20 (after hubby bounced the TZ7 on the concrete – note to all, they dont bounce so well).  It’s pretty cool actually, gorgeous HD vids even on hubby’s high-speed RC helicopters.  They’ve improved button placements and the touch screen is so cool! And it’s so small it fits in my handbag without having to remove the kitchen sink – RESULT!  Also a Kenwood Chef……….oh so yum – a dream of mine I inherited from my mum.  So proud to have one now!  Have been whipping up pavs, garlic aioli and superb frozen daiquiris by the tonne LOL.  BTW – will put my recipes on a new recipes tab above – will add pics next time I make them – so probably some time tomorrow LMAO.

Also had some good and bad customer service experiences – Qantas had me on hold for 20 mins for picking up my call but redeemed themselves with above and beyond service, whilst Three again disgraced themselves with dodgy, uncaring service that left me feeling a little bit dirty.

I also wrote a piece about rescue animals for an RSPCA PR activity – we own a rottweiler who was a rescue dog and I feel it is important for all people to understand how important it is to rescue animals wherever possible.  You can find it HERE.  Please consider a rescue animal when looking for a new companion – save a life.  And please support local shelters – Renbury, Lost Dogs Home, RSPCA.

As for Toldyah, its at a pivot point – we need to bootstrap it for a while now as I concentrate on getting and settling into a new job, and then I will take the time to decide what I want to do with it long-term.  If anyone has thoughts I would love to hear them – please let me know via the contact form in post below.   For now we’ll stick to customer reviews and perhaps focus more on smart phone access as money allows us to develop apps.

So – if you know of someone who needs a QA Manager/Food Safety Specialist for long or short-term projects feel free to drop me a line!

I, Toldyah