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We now return to normal programming

I’m, baaaaaaaack!  Yes – back for more cynical, hysterically funny (in my mind atleast) social commentaries!  The brief break in transmissions was necessary to push the Toldyah website but is now over. 

But why, I hear you ask?????????

Yesterday was pitch day for MEGA.  A practice pitch the previous night had been horrendous – felt like George Bush delivering one of his sterling performances hehehe.  So I pulled an all-nighter and fixed it – woo hoo – more like an slick Barack Obama performance now.  

How did it go????  I was happy with the pitch (it can always be better).  So now we move on and keep pushing Toldyah forward and getting the word out.  We also need to kidnap a Tech Cofounder from MIT and rob a bank to get the money we need to Toldyah a huge overnight success, but shhhhh, those plans are just between you and me – ok?

Toldyah Website - vid reviews for you

So if you havent been paying attention:

Toldyah is an entertainment hub to share about your shopping and entertainment experiences via video. 

Check out the reviews, make shopping fun with barcode scanning. Earn rewards and special offers for tell us what you’ve bought and what you thought about it! 

Tell it like it is.

Toldyah - making yah famous, vid uploads, tell it like it is

Alrighty, enough being a salesman.  I’ll be back with a normal post later  – thanks for sticking with me!

We’ll announce the comp winner on Monday and a new comp in early August on the website.

I. Toldyah


Woo Hoo – Mojo is BACK!

Yessssssssssssssssss.   It’s back!  My mojo – thank you for returning my friend – was a bloody hard slog without Yah!

My long-term readers will have realised on opening the blog that


Yep – time to get serious about the branding – and lots of other things too!   So the corporate colours are now in play, along with logos.  This will change again once the Website is up and running and incorporates the blog, but for now, we have this new look in place – ahhhhhhhhh – feels much more homey already!

Kick off your shoes, pull up a nice comfy recliner, grab a bowl of popcorn and get ready to be entertained peeps!

I am aiming high……..  I expect big things.  I want to be a household name.  But I need you readers to help.  I promise to make the ride fun, and reward you as well.

So – why did things change:  I pitched and did better than I thought I would.  And I have regained the confidence in my idea that should never ever have left me!  Time to revisit the schedule, move along the timelines, get some pre-launch videos done.  Toldyah must start telling ppl!

Anyone wanting a bit part in some funny short spoof outtakes please let me know – can’t pay you in anything but love right now but I WILL remember your help in the future.  If you can do a UK or US accent I definitely need yah!

Let’s get this moving!

I, Toldyah