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Vlog – Panasonic HM-TA20

Hey all – after a dead laptop needing replacement, and Youtube being challenging I finally have the final wrap up vlog for the Panasonic HM-TA20 up for all and sundry.

Youtube issues mean volume of voiceover a bit dodgy in places but hey, it there atleast!

Panasonic HM-TA20 Swimming with the fishes & loving it

Ooooooooooooooh – we have had some fun lol.

Been putting the Panasonic HM TA20 through its paces.  Bethie Boo has dropped it from the top of her slide, fallen over with it, hubby took it on a RC heli……… and it went swimming in our fish tank. 

And IT IS STILL WORKING PERFECTLY!  What a tough lil unit.

I was worried about the photo quality – and I need to look at that further, so will post the over all review video in a few days (as also have a very sick lil girl on my hands today).  But the video – brilliant quality.

Check this view from inside our fish tank – hehe – note to self give tank a good clean! (Please note – the HD version is available at my iToldyah Youtube channel – can’t link to it here, the below is std format)

It was so simple – make sure all the lock offs are done (for the ports) and the touchscreen is locked. Then dunk away.  How cool is that – no covers or housings to fiddle with, just dive on into the water!  Kids are going to love exploring with it (nad a few adults I know too).

The touchscreen is simple to use, not much to choose from which is FINE by me – I am not looking for an SLR here, point and shoot, zoom in nad out, photo or video.  Happy with those choices.

I’ll post a full review soon but in meantime check out the vid!  Well done Panasonic!

I, Toldyah

Bethie meets the Panasonic TA20 camera – who will flinch first?

We have a new camera!  Woo hoo!  And yes – it is another Panasonic – adding to our stable hehe.  This one is a Panasonic TA 20, we got it because both hubby and daughter have a knack for destroying MY cameras, so they can have one of their own.  Hubby has dropped a couple of Sonys and wrapped one Pana around a tree in the course of filming as he flies RC helicopters.   And Beth, well – she is the average soon-to-be 3-year-old – falling down and walking into stuff happens – A LOT…..

So we went for this Panasonic version as they say its tough.  I mean really tough.  Drop it 1.5m and it bounces back (well, not literally, but hey Mr Panasonic, there’s your next improvement: bouncy corners lol), but it will survive the fall to take pics again.  Drop it in the pool or tub – no probs! Down to 3 m and it will swim happily and still take pics.  Dust proof cover means dirt is no threat, great for digging in the garden, as has happened previously in our backyard *sigh*  I wonder – when Pana say tough, have they considered those of the calibre of my family??????   They may be eating their words after I release the hounds of destruction on this lil baby!

But for all these features and Arnie-level toughness, it apparently still has brilliant performance.  Full HD recording for movies in camera that looks pretty damn cool – we got blue, Bethie’s fave colour ATM – love it, and is just a little thicker than an iPhone.  RRP is $299, but its at Ryda for $262, the idea being it is like a phone camera but much better quality and options – even comes with a lil tripod!!!!!!!!!

There is also Night View Mode, which detects dark scenes so you can shoot clear images in the dark.  Minds out of the gutter people (yes I too had visions those glow in dark adult products bouncing around), it will be interesting to see how it goes in dark settings – will take some versus the TZ20 to see how good it is.  

And best of all – amazingly – it has a touch screen on the back!  Waterproof, dustproof and a touchscreen, how do they do it.   I am ready to see just how well that could possibly work!  On first play it seemed simple to use – even Beth was swapping between photos and vids hehe.  Here is a pic I took of her as she got ready for testing – in low light of lounge room on a very overcast day and blinds half-shut.  A little grainy but think I need to look at settings – just point and clicked after putting SD card in.

We have only just opened it up and put it through some initial paces. Bethie Boo spent today taking it for a run (literally, complete with falls), and hubby is strapping it to the bottom of an RM heli as you read.  I’ll put together the results in some vlogs (videos) and you can see for yourself what happens.

Video below is of Bethie Boo’s intro to camera as was done on my Panasonic Lumix TZ20 – gorgeous camera for everyday use for those of use NOT so bent on destruction!

You have my faith Panasonic – and my family has your TA20!  Quake in your boots.

I, Toldyah