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She’ll be coming round the mountain…….

I was just asked by a journalist for a quote on starting up a biz as a woman……… thought about it for a while and came up with this as the most relevant comment I can make from where I currently stand in the process:

A successful startup is about finding the fortitude to keep butting your head against the barriers even when everyone else has turned away, keeping strong to your vision whilst taking onboard the criticism, and remembering why you wanted to start in the first place.  Hard work, long hours, and a happy outcome.

Be a star!

In other words – stand back up every time you get smacked down, learn to say “yes, but,” and keep your eye on the end prize – a better life for the family.

Of course – I don’t have the happy outcome at the mo……..  In fact, we’re so far into boot-strapping that I am going back to work to make ends meet.  So Toldyah is about to become after hours only for a while.  But that’s ok – adversity breeds success they say – so the universe must be breeding a humongous win for me – woo hoo!

I am busy butting my head against the barriers, and having people turn away, unwilling to help.  I’m trying to get people to see what I can see.  All entrepreneurs with novel ideas go through this stage – some for a long time.  iPad………how many laughed at the time????  I did!  Just wish I had Steve Jobs money behind me!

The problem is getting the money people to understand why this will work.  How 2 years from now everyone will be using video as the means of communication rather than text – WHY CANT THEY SEE THAT????? It’s a no-brainer.   Already there is movement for using vid – so many comps and promos out now, Google plus chat, Facebook/Skype chat…….  am waiting for Murdoch’s Illegal Chat app to be released – the vid you make when you don’t know your being taped! 

Video chat on facebookAnyway, just putting this out there to the universe so it can bring on that big win – you know where I live – I’m a-waiting…….

Video chat

In the mean time – Google, Facebook, Microsoft acquisition teams, CALL ME!

I, Toldyah.

Bugger – a Road Block

Aaarrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhh.  Hit a road block – a big one!

The problem with a tech start up (oooh – looky, another clue to what I am doing) is that if you aren’t a techie person the answers to your questions are super hard to understand – hmmmmmm, let me rephrase……. are written/spoken in some cyborg language from the 25th century that my brain is completely ill-equipped to grapple with.  A bit like asking my 2-year-old to complete an equation using matrix multiplication.  Ahhhhhhhhh HSC mathematics – I knew you would come in handy one day – and here it is!

Before I celebrate that happy occurrence though, I need to find a way to re-route Toldyah back onto the winning track.  I am so STUCK on a nutty problem.  Just how much can you compress uploaded video files from phones and cameras.

RED ALERT RED ALERT: massive clues to business idea….

Anyway, apparently the answer to my question is the same as “How long is a piece of string“.  Which isn’t good enough for me.  I can’t complete the financial part of the business plan, nor actually verify the business can make money (pretty important point for investors apparently) without this info.  The answers I get from searches and discussions always starts with …”It depends on….”   SO MANY VARIABLES!

I am a perfectionist, so getting the answer right is BUGGING me.  People say to me to guess, it’ll be about right.  But gees, the best and worst scenarios make a break even date that is light years apart.  How can I sound like I have a clue when presenting that to Bill, Richard, Bernard or Carlos!

I do need to decide ASAP – have to finalise the BP so I can get the website started. Ahhhh – there we have another challenge – how to write a brief that sounds like it is written in 25th Century Cyborg.  Anyone got a Cyborg to English translator handy?

I, Toldyah

BTW – the best 2 answers for the string question in my opinion:

  • About Yay long                                                                                                                
  • Double the distance from middle to one end.

Sunday, Bloggy Sunday

Ahhhhhhh – welcome to Sunday!  Day of rest – yeah right, not if you have kids under the age of 15!   Not that I am complaining.  I have never accomplished so much as since we have had children. I’ve seen more, done more and slept less than ever in my life.

Spiro - Short Shower Super Hero

So here I am Sunday morning deciding what to blog. Should’ve done it yesterday but was busy doing our entry for the Origin Sustainability drive.

“What – not working on the business,” you ask?

Nope – a time out – mainly due to desperation.  Cant afford the massive increase in electricity bills anymore, so it’s either turn off the heat and become Eskimos or try to win solar electricity & hot water installations and electricity free for a year.

Super Dog - Natural Gas Producer - Phewwwwwww

Super Dog - Natural Gas Producer - Phewwwwwww

My entry consisted of a Powerpoint preso converted into a video.  The theme: everyday neighbourhood cartoon eco superheroes.  I was trying to be different from everyone else and a bit entertaining. Having looked at the other, BORING BORING BORING entries I felt the poor judges needed a change to save their sanity.  Why is it eco people are so serious?  Be green AND fun!

Back to the point.  The other part of the process is getting neighbour support.  Up to 19 neighbours can share the prize. Tell me – who wouldn’t want free electricity and gas plus solar electricity and hot water put in for free?  Win the comp and the street gets $250,ooo in prizes!  Yes yes, I can see all your hands up.  Sorry – you have to live in my street.  I apologise, I know, you are already disappointed at not having me as a neighbour, now you may be missing out on free stuff as well.

Super Hero Ron the Recycler

Ooops – digressing again – bad habit.  We live in a very long street, so I  made 30 flyers and popped around to all the neighbours  and left them in postboxes a week ago. I was expecting to be swarmed and needing to beat people off with a stick.  I had worked out how I would ballot for the 19 lucky neighbours from a hat if we had too many.

And then I waited…..

And waited…….

And waited…….  (sounds of crickets echoing in the silence)

Finally I got 4 responses. YAY.  And then yesterday morning one more dribbled in.

Super Hero Suzie - Solar Chick - she knows where the sun does shine

What the………. people don’t want FREE stuff?  OMG!  I did a door knock and got another 4 takers.  That was it.   I don’t believe it.  I am offering to do all the work, all yah have to do is click yes on an email and you’re in for an equal share of the prizes.

Another lesson learnt – the majority of people are apathetic, even when offered stuff for free.  Worried their details may be used wrongly via electronic means perhaps?  Or just plain don’t believe good luck can be theirs.

It was a bit of a shock!

So how do I market to such people?  Competitions wont work.  How do I show them how Toldyah can help them….  Are they a market to aim for or not?  Will they follow once word of mouth tells them Toldyah is the place to be?  So many questions!

Let’s hope I win the comp so I have the electricity to go looking for answers *grin*

Time to go do one last door knock.

PS. Please do my poll below – it is really important for my business ideas! Thnx.

I, Toldyah

It’s a Blog’s Life

I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

All funned out being a kid.  Well, not really, there is always room for more fun!

It was an amazing experience to try to think like a child for a day.  Silly thoughts, different viewpoints…….. not censuring my thoughts and actions (within reason – there are human decency requirements!).

It’s actually quite fun and productive to let go of the rules. So many things are possible if you start asking WHY NOT?  Suspend reality as we adults know it and start inventing.  Research depts should be staffed by kids – so much more would be developed and it would be interesting!   A bowl that turns into a lollipop when you wash it – brilliant!

Actually came up with 2 new business ideas during this time – all hush hush of course – I know Mr Gates is secretly spying on me for my brilliant mind, that youngsta Mark Z is just waiting for me to slip up so he can snap up my fabulous ideas, and Richard the Virgin is combing through my trash!  Hello rich people – please send a starving entrepreneur money or coupons……….no really – we need help. LOL.

In fact I am beginning to think that is a required part of the program – to be successful you must be desperate.  No risk will compare with the burning feeling of hunger perhaps.  Lucky it was easter, we are living on easter bunnies and eggs.  Still – chocolate does contain all the food groups doesn’t it?

My ideas are becoming more refined now – Toldyah has meat on the bones.  Website and app development will start very soon, and launch plans are taking shape.  The business plan is in first draft, the rules and webpages are storyboarded.  It’s getting exciting.

Will you be one of the first to be able to say….

See, Toldyah.