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We now return to normal programming

I’m, baaaaaaaack!  Yes – back for more cynical, hysterically funny (in my mind atleast) social commentaries!  The brief break in transmissions was necessary to push the Toldyah website but is now over. 

But why, I hear you ask?????????

Yesterday was pitch day for MEGA.  A practice pitch the previous night had been horrendous – felt like George Bush delivering one of his sterling performances hehehe.  So I pulled an all-nighter and fixed it – woo hoo – more like an slick Barack Obama performance now.  

How did it go????  I was happy with the pitch (it can always be better).  So now we move on and keep pushing Toldyah forward and getting the word out.  We also need to kidnap a Tech Cofounder from MIT and rob a bank to get the money we need to Toldyah a huge overnight success, but shhhhh, those plans are just between you and me – ok?

Toldyah Website - vid reviews for you

So if you havent been paying attention:

Toldyah is an entertainment hub to share about your shopping and entertainment experiences via video. 

Check out the reviews, make shopping fun with barcode scanning. Earn rewards and special offers for tell us what you’ve bought and what you thought about it! 

Tell it like it is.

Toldyah - making yah famous, vid uploads, tell it like it is

Alrighty, enough being a salesman.  I’ll be back with a normal post later  – thanks for sticking with me!

We’ll announce the comp winner on Monday and a new comp in early August on the website.

I. Toldyah


Woo Hoo – Mojo is BACK!

Yessssssssssssssssss.   It’s back!  My mojo – thank you for returning my friend – was a bloody hard slog without Yah!

My long-term readers will have realised on opening the blog that


Yep – time to get serious about the branding – and lots of other things too!   So the corporate colours are now in play, along with logos.  This will change again once the Website is up and running and incorporates the blog, but for now, we have this new look in place – ahhhhhhhhh – feels much more homey already!

Kick off your shoes, pull up a nice comfy recliner, grab a bowl of popcorn and get ready to be entertained peeps!

I am aiming high……..  I expect big things.  I want to be a household name.  But I need you readers to help.  I promise to make the ride fun, and reward you as well.

So – why did things change:  I pitched and did better than I thought I would.  And I have regained the confidence in my idea that should never ever have left me!  Time to revisit the schedule, move along the timelines, get some pre-launch videos done.  Toldyah must start telling ppl!

Anyone wanting a bit part in some funny short spoof outtakes please let me know – can’t pay you in anything but love right now but I WILL remember your help in the future.  If you can do a UK or US accent I definitely need yah!

Let’s get this moving!

I, Toldyah

Espionage is my middle name

Mum was English, so I was brought up with good manners beaten into me.

Don’t chew with your mouth open, give your seat up to the elderly on a bus, don’t read the newspaper over someone’s shoulder, and never, EVER, EVER eavesdrop on other people’s conversations.  Talk about taking the fun out of a morning bus trip to the city, you had to pretend you were Helen Keller!

Makes it hard sometimes.  In business you have to be a bit ruthless, gathering intelligence on your target market in ways that mum would never have approved of because having to buy that data is very expensive, especially when you are talking about Gen Y – those untrusting souls.

So I send out surveys, and ask opinions of those Gen Y’s I know (and thank you all – I am very grateful and will repay you when I am a mogul).  But it isn’t enough – I need more data!

So there I was yesterday afternoon – in between my day business school session (last one at Bizness Babes *sob*) and my MEGA evening course, on a train to the second location.  It was later afternoon and a group of school girls got on and were standing beside me.  Ah ha – my target market.  Come here my pretties…..

Ok – that sounds creepy – forget that, I actually sat very still so I wouldn’t frighten them off and appeared to be studying the train line map intently.

Strangely, there wasnt a Smart Phone to be seen amongst the group of 8.  Unusual…..  but then they were very deep in discussion, so perhaps this was a social no-no in such circumstances.

I could hear mum in my head….. NO listening.  And my replying “but mum – target market……. this could be a goldmine and its FREE”.  My stinginess won out over ethics.  That’s the Dutch bit of me – hehe.  So I listened whilst I stared at the map, and made mental notes of what was worthy of their time.  Haircuts, hair colours, weekend party and what to wear. Whether Lady Gaga ever wears normal clothes (LOL), had to concentrate very hard on the map so I wouldnt smile at that point.  Then their talk turned to makeup – and why makeup for old ladies was so expensive……I figured they were talking about Clarins, Estee Lauder etc that old ladies like me wear……  I was just starting to feel depressed as they got off the train – a few more minutes of that conversation and I may have gone and bought myself a zimmer frame.

But it was a huge win – and a great insight into uncensored interests of my target market – info that is critical for Toldyah.  I think I might go ride the trains for a week or two from 7.30-9.30am and 3-5pm and gather more intelligence.  ASIO would be so proud of me.

Let’s just hope I don’t get picked up as a stalker!

I, Toldyah

I want to give you the clap!

What?  Why would I do that?  Of course, I am assuming you are old enough to know what the clap is………check HERE if you don’t LOL.

No, it’s applause I mean.  A big, rowdy acclamation that you guys are the BEST!


Pop open the champers, drop the net of balloons and streamers.


There’s a long way to go still.  And many more posts to be read (if you have a topic of interest, let me know BTW).  And we have launches to plan for: Toldyah website, mobile app, etc.  But it’s a start!

Where are we right now?

Make Me Famous – the Facebook page is up and running…… please join it and pass on to your friends.  If you know anyone who uploads videos they can link on this page to help spread the word. Let’s make people famous!

Toldyah – Facebook and Twitter pages are up and running, although on slow burn at the mo.

MEGA – has honed my pitch (more refinements to be made but am loving it right now).

Bizness Babes – has the bones of the business plan sorted – will be in a final draft at the end of today!

Things to do:

Source funding to build website and mobile phone apps

Develop and launch viral campaign


It’s getting closer now – so soon you’ll be able to say “See, I Toldyah”.


I, Toldyah.


Art of Accepting Failure (or not blowing raspberries at critics)

So here’s a secret about me.  To some it will be surprise, to others, not.

I hate failure, and I hate not getting things right the first time.  It’s the Dutch bit of me….the germanic compulsion for efficiency!

I know I am not perfect and try as I might I don’t always see all sides of the cube (taking off the Wonder Woman outfit reluctantly).  So I need to ask for feedback.  I ask, the pit of my stomach heaving, lips trembling as I await the judge’s decision.  I don’t want to fail……

Which is ridiculous really – to get constructive criticism is not failing, it is IMPROVING.  I am not alone in this world.  There are other valid opinions that may be different to mine. (Suck in the breath, be strong, yep – people can be different!)

And every alternative opinion I get makes MY concept stronger.  Whether I choose to incorporate it or not, it is all valuable – it tests and reinforces what Toldyah will be.

So I am learning to ask for feedback and to enjoy hearing it.  The more constructive the better. I am starting to court those people who I know ask hard questions – because in finding the answers Toldyah will be better prepared.

But it’s not just tweaking (or taking a dirty big shovel and whacking away) at the concept that I am working on.  MEGA is also working on ME – how I think about the business, how I present it to potential customers and investors.  Shaping me into a pitch perfect, cape-wearing Oprah Winfrey.

It’s quite confronting to do this. It’s hard to hear that you didn’t think of this, didn’t do that.   But also very therapeutic!  After so many years of personal growth being stunted from being shoved into a corporate box, after an eon of holding onto junk that is useless and pretending to be someone I am not,  I actually feel so very positive about ME.  Plans for personal improvements away from the business idea are being made, I expect BIG changes in the next few months.  In the words of Big Kev: I AM EXCITED. Sorry – there is no point waiting for more, are no steak knives with this blog.

Dr Phil – cancel the appointment – think I found what I am looking for!

I, Toldyah.

Coffee – wherefore art thou?

Be gentle today dear readers, it’s day 4 without coffee for me.

I’m not the greatest caffeine addict – only 2 coffees a day and rarely ever a coke.  But that morning wake up cuppa, and the evening wind down slurp after kid in bed are my little treats, little hugs of happiness to congratulate me for making it through the day *grin*.

And for 4 days they have been missing.  Aaargh.  You see – Gastro-Gate on the weekend was bad, and I am SCARED to go back to it.  Whilst my tummy still bubbles away menacingly the coffee machine is staying firmly switched off.   I look longingly my special Monopoly man coffee cup – a gift from a friend to remind me that THIS year I was going to make Toldyah a reality and become a squillionaire. But no coffee today…..

Alrighty, snap out of it woman – enough moaning about caffeine cravings….

Time for some work! MEGA is tonight – must get prepared and be ready to push forward my ideas, need to get Toldyah developed properly.

So let’s take stock of where we are:

  • We have the concept – which is undergoing transformation via MEGA to make it a better business proposition.
  • We have the business planning underway via BiznessBabes course
  • We have the business name
  • We have domain names and logo

And there endeth the lesson………. I need to get a website designed. And I need to develop a launch plan that will have billions of people flocking to the site the instant I launch it (should be easy shouldnt it….).  Today I will work on the rules and requirements for the website, and the mood board for the look of the business. Fantastic – that’s my day planned – how about yours?

Fingers crossed that by 4pm when I jump on a train for the city I may even be able to grab a Gloria Jeans coffee………..  And that means tomorrow I may even be able to have some of that poor abandoned easter chocky!

In the words of the great Homer Simpson: Mmmmmmmmm, caffeine and chocky.

I, Toldyah


FRIDAY.  Big weekend coming up then MEGA starts – woo hoo!

I am beginning to realise that I, me,  TOLDYAH can make this happen.  One little person can make a huge splash.  You just need to ignore the nay-sayers, stay true to your vision, ask for help and listen to opinions.  Oh – and be willing to take risks.

The day I left work was a scary one, the dwindling bank balance right now is terrifying.  We have a few weeks left before groceries will be a struggle to buy. But it is worth it.  Get my vision off the ground and it will change our lives.  I, me, I, WILL change our lives.  With lots of help from you my lovely readers of course!

The idea is lifting up now, it is getting some air underneath it.  It is starting to right itself, ready for launch into the stratosphere.

I so want to shout out my idea. But that has to wait a while longer.  Global domination requires the secrecy of a TV Evangelist’s trysts in a Texan house of ill-repute.  Quietly, quietly, as we sneak up on Goliath.

All I can say for certain, is that we can make YAH famous.

I, Toldyah.