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Art of Accepting Failure (or not blowing raspberries at critics)

So here’s a secret about me.  To some it will be surprise, to others, not.

I hate failure, and I hate not getting things right the first time.  It’s the Dutch bit of me….the germanic compulsion for efficiency!

I know I am not perfect and try as I might I don’t always see all sides of the cube (taking off the Wonder Woman outfit reluctantly).  So I need to ask for feedback.  I ask, the pit of my stomach heaving, lips trembling as I await the judge’s decision.  I don’t want to fail……

Which is ridiculous really – to get constructive criticism is not failing, it is IMPROVING.  I am not alone in this world.  There are other valid opinions that may be different to mine. (Suck in the breath, be strong, yep – people can be different!)

And every alternative opinion I get makes MY concept stronger.  Whether I choose to incorporate it or not, it is all valuable – it tests and reinforces what Toldyah will be.

So I am learning to ask for feedback and to enjoy hearing it.  The more constructive the better. I am starting to court those people who I know ask hard questions – because in finding the answers Toldyah will be better prepared.

But it’s not just tweaking (or taking a dirty big shovel and whacking away) at the concept that I am working on.  MEGA is also working on ME – how I think about the business, how I present it to potential customers and investors.  Shaping me into a pitch perfect, cape-wearing Oprah Winfrey.

It’s quite confronting to do this. It’s hard to hear that you didn’t think of this, didn’t do that.   But also very therapeutic!  After so many years of personal growth being stunted from being shoved into a corporate box, after an eon of holding onto junk that is useless and pretending to be someone I am not,  I actually feel so very positive about ME.  Plans for personal improvements away from the business idea are being made, I expect BIG changes in the next few months.  In the words of Big Kev: I AM EXCITED. Sorry – there is no point waiting for more, are no steak knives with this blog.

Dr Phil – cancel the appointment – think I found what I am looking for!

I, Toldyah.

Oh What A Night…..

Did you ever have a meeting or get-together which just supercharged your energy?  That took an idea you had, shook it up and down, like a good martini?

That’s what happened to me last night.  WHAT A BUZZ – a legal one!

It was the first night of the MEGA program, got to meet lots of like-minded people and then wham – off we went networking.   SO many great minds to challenge and reshape my concept, to give it backbone and make it so very much BETTER.

How fantastic – the ideas are so exciting, I can’t wait for the next, first true session, how much more will come out of that?

We’ll make people famous, INSTANTLY!

We’re gathering speed dear readers, cant wait to show you the map of the trip!

I, Toldyah