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A funny thing happened on the way to Facebook

If you are a regular reader (yes you Mr X, I found out who you are and a case of champers is on its way, without one person actually reading it does seem a bit pointless to write!), then you’ll know I blogged about some less than happy comments on a fantastic win I had last Friday.

Well, a few more happened over the next few days – and some people put their sleuthing incapabilities to work and realised that 2 + 2 = 6.  They found my blog here at Toldyah and started making all sorts of strange assumptions!  Conspiracy theories flew ’round Facebook quicker than a US presidential assasination (ok ok – you found me out – I was the sniper on the grassy knoll).

After it got really stupid (having been amusing for the 2 hours before that) I decided I perhaps should explain that Toldyah The Blog, and Tania the apparent professional comper with undies of steel were in fact the same person.  My only thought was just to stop the stupidity that was affecting the Appliances Online FB page, but it ended up in a completely unexpected and somewhat hilarious result.  Not to mention a HUGE lesson in marketing 101.

I had my 2 biggest ever visitor numbers on the day I posted and the next day – WOW.  Now – this blog isn’t well-known (wish it was – if any syndicated media outlet would like to pick it up – I write cheap).  In fact, getting 100 readers on a day would make me crack open the bubbly, but hey, 80 people having a gander isn’t bad when I don’t yet have a website ready or the launch up and running.


Dont get me wrong – I am not planning to go get arrested (I’m not as rich or influential as Paris or Ms Lohan). But making a controversial statement can be both fun and rewarding for business……. and THAT is a marketing tool I can use for my launch plan.

So – anyone out there in reader land want to suggest some controversial topics I could bend to my advantage?   I am also putting a survey up on this topic for some of my ideas….

And if you have come over from Appliances Online – hello and welcome!  Yes – the recipe on the Cook Me page really is mine, but no, my undies aren’t made of steel.  They are diamond encrusted tho’

I, Toldyah


It’s a Blog’s Life

I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

All funned out being a kid.  Well, not really, there is always room for more fun!

It was an amazing experience to try to think like a child for a day.  Silly thoughts, different viewpoints…….. not censuring my thoughts and actions (within reason – there are human decency requirements!).

It’s actually quite fun and productive to let go of the rules. So many things are possible if you start asking WHY NOT?  Suspend reality as we adults know it and start inventing.  Research depts should be staffed by kids – so much more would be developed and it would be interesting!   A bowl that turns into a lollipop when you wash it – brilliant!

Actually came up with 2 new business ideas during this time – all hush hush of course – I know Mr Gates is secretly spying on me for my brilliant mind, that youngsta Mark Z is just waiting for me to slip up so he can snap up my fabulous ideas, and Richard the Virgin is combing through my trash!  Hello rich people – please send a starving entrepreneur money or coupons……….no really – we need help. LOL.

In fact I am beginning to think that is a required part of the program – to be successful you must be desperate.  No risk will compare with the burning feeling of hunger perhaps.  Lucky it was easter, we are living on easter bunnies and eggs.  Still – chocolate does contain all the food groups doesn’t it?

My ideas are becoming more refined now – Toldyah has meat on the bones.  Website and app development will start very soon, and launch plans are taking shape.  The business plan is in first draft, the rules and webpages are storyboarded.  It’s getting exciting.

Will you be one of the first to be able to say….

See, Toldyah.

Whaaat a week!

Phhhheeeewwwwwwww.  It’s Saturday.  The week sped by!  3 days of business school – Marketing!  What a fantastic topic, I learned so much.  Tightened up the business plan and started developing the launch plan. And YOU my fellow readers, will be critical to that! (Did I say how lovely you are looking today?)

Put together our MEGA submission – that was a MEGA task (LOL – yep you will come to realise I have a very sad sense of humour – you will shake your head and wonder why I don’t use my powers for good – or perhaps evil would be more interesting…..hmmmmm – A superbaddie blog – I love it).  The other thing you will come to shake your head at – I love to digress!  And I use way too many dots…..

So – down to business….. (see Toldyah)

Wanna be a star?  We can make yah famous!

Hang tight and over the next few weeks the plans will be unveiled.

Until then, havagr8wknd, shop well, live heartily, and remember,

I, Toldyah.