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The First iPads Club

I have an iPad 2, or perhaps an iPad too would be a better way of saying it considering how many of them there are – both in version and quantity!  I am not an Apple fan, but the iPad is a cool learning tool for my daughter, so we have one, oops, I mean 2. Nope I mean iPad 2.  Confusing…….

My iPad 2 functions well, it does all the things I expect (note  – it does not make cappuccinos – this was a disappointment).  I have no real complaints from a hardware perspective (let’s not get me started on the whole philosophical aspect – you can read my thoughts HERE). Bethie Boo loves it, is learning to write and spell with it and has become scarily familiar and comfy with the technology to the point she can trawl YouTube for Dinosaur and Tinkerbell movies. She just turned 3, at her age I was attempting to stack blocks and keep my colouring on the page!  This contraption cost me a lot of money, but it was an investment in her future.  It is still a baby at less than 6 months old, still new to the household and seen as a special little luxury.

But now it is garbage apparently.  It should be flung from the window in a fit of angst, to land in a tarpit and flounder like an old T-rex until it succumbs to its fate.  It should be replaced with a sparkly, new, superdooper, whizzbang, fabutastic, iPad 3 (Insert cheers here).  Hmmm – does IT make cappuccino? No? Sigh……disappointment again.  Even the mere mention of the words, iPad 3, causes a hush of reverent silence.  Quick, quick, chuck out your terrible, clunky, old-fashioned iPad 2 (and if you are still on an iPad original then go to the naughty corner and hang your head in shame, for you have sinned beyond redemption).

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?  My iPad 2 is beyond it?  It no longer will function?  It won’t teach Bethie Boo the alphabet or how to sing Bob the Builder anymore?  Is it just going to give up, so depressed at being replaced by a newer, faster, younger, shinier model that it is going to flash it’s own microchip and float gently into the ethers?   Some of us like old stuff you know! We aren’t all in midlife crisis, hmm perhaps it should be midtech crisis. Some of us appreciate stability over flashiness (and like having money in our wallets).

So – what flashiness are we talking here?  Diamond encrusted buttons?  Nope. The picture is better, and the camera.  I have a laptop and a cool Panasonic camera, I don’t use my iPad for that stuff and never will – I would celebrate those features more on my Smartphone which is small enough to drag everywhere with me.  Seeing my niece with more clarity during a Facetime chat wont make a difference, and as for my sister’s dodgy veneer, I’d rather that be pixellated (haha – if she read my blog she would kill me, luckily she doesn’t so I can have some fun). I am pretty sure she would feel the same was about my gnarled old exterior anyway.  Hmmmmmm – perhaps I should buy up all the old, rejected iPad 2’s and start an online dating agency for the less modelesque amongst up.  We will let iPad 2 take a lovely true to life pic, complete with pixilation for you – what a business concept!

Alrighty, enough of the fun, I need to get a bit heavy, a bit deep. You see, iPad 3 is more of both of those than iPad 2. To me – that’s an iPad 2 win.  The operating systems are newer obviously – but honestly, we aren’t NASA….. we download toddler games, and very occasionally grab the board for a surf on the superhighway of life.  So do I really care if Lollygobble blissbomb 9.03 is installed or not?  Mmmmmm – lollygobble blissbombs……..remember those.  I have to go find some now, wonder if you can still buy them?

Of course, delicious popcorn brings me to movies, and apparently version 3 is all set for streaming movies. Yay, oh wait, my cable company does that, and I don’t have to pay more for it.  Struck out there then Apple.

Ok – so in a nut shell, iPad 3 will cost me an extra $650 without really making my life happier or more convenient….. that’s an awful lot of Tinkerbell movies and Toca Boca games I can buy!  In fact – its about the same cost of a half decent cappuccino maker…… Think I’ll wait for the software upgrade to mochalicoricebullet – I hear on the grapevine that one CAN make great coffees!

Time to go give the old iPad 2 a hug and tell him I love him.  Perhaps I’ll give him a quick polish so he feels better too.

I, Toldyah

She’ll be coming round the mountain…….

I was just asked by a journalist for a quote on starting up a biz as a woman……… thought about it for a while and came up with this as the most relevant comment I can make from where I currently stand in the process:

A successful startup is about finding the fortitude to keep butting your head against the barriers even when everyone else has turned away, keeping strong to your vision whilst taking onboard the criticism, and remembering why you wanted to start in the first place.  Hard work, long hours, and a happy outcome.

Be a star!

In other words – stand back up every time you get smacked down, learn to say “yes, but,” and keep your eye on the end prize – a better life for the family.

Of course – I don’t have the happy outcome at the mo……..  In fact, we’re so far into boot-strapping that I am going back to work to make ends meet.  So Toldyah is about to become after hours only for a while.  But that’s ok – adversity breeds success they say – so the universe must be breeding a humongous win for me – woo hoo!

I am busy butting my head against the barriers, and having people turn away, unwilling to help.  I’m trying to get people to see what I can see.  All entrepreneurs with novel ideas go through this stage – some for a long time.  iPad………how many laughed at the time????  I did!  Just wish I had Steve Jobs money behind me!

The problem is getting the money people to understand why this will work.  How 2 years from now everyone will be using video as the means of communication rather than text – WHY CANT THEY SEE THAT????? It’s a no-brainer.   Already there is movement for using vid – so many comps and promos out now, Google plus chat, Facebook/Skype chat…….  am waiting for Murdoch’s Illegal Chat app to be released – the vid you make when you don’t know your being taped! 

Video chat on facebookAnyway, just putting this out there to the universe so it can bring on that big win – you know where I live – I’m a-waiting…….

Video chat

In the mean time – Google, Facebook, Microsoft acquisition teams, CALL ME!

I, Toldyah.