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Here come the Dragons!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be still our beating hearts – the time is nigh!  THE DRAGONS COME!  They are so very close.  They will soon be ours. Are you ready dragon admirers?

Of course, dragon owning requires great responsibility. Before I can divulge more – I need to confirm –  have you visited your local Viking Training Academy?  Have you learnt the fine arts and secret moves to take on any kind of dragon and convert them into a favourite Viking friend?  We brushed up our skills on Sunday as a special dragon training camp that was held at a top-secret location (because you just never know where Mildew and his bad-tempered attempts at sabotage might pop up).

beth and HTTYD

Astrid 2.0 (otherwise known as dear daughter Beth) found the training to be an excellent opportunity to best a Gronckle and swap dragon yarns with the illustrious Gobber.  She was delighted to be certified as a Dragon Rider, and the past 3 days have been a nervous wait filled with anticipation for the best day of the year: November 12 – DRAGONS’ DAY.


Astrid 2.0 loves Dragons. She especially loves viking dragons. She super especially loves Toothless, Stormfly, Cloudjumper and Hookfang.  In fact, the whole How to Train Your Dragon 1 and 2 crew is on her christmas card list.  It is How to Train Your Dragon 2 we are celebrating, because, TODAY, Dragons’ Day, the DVD is released, and that means we get to take the whole new expanded team home with us, to love and nurture, dream about and interact with whenever we want.

IMG_5055One aspect has me a little worried.  Astrid 2.0 seems to adore Valka more than any mother wants a child adoring an alternate mother figure. I have a feeling that were Valka to land in our front yard on Cloudjumper and ask to adopt her that I wouldn’t even get a goodbye!  Dragons – the ultimate mummy accessory around it seems.valka-cloudjumper-gallery

For those that have yet to see  How To Train Your Dragon 2, adults and kids alike will love it (trust me – I have seen it 4 times at the cinema and am quite anticipating our pre-order turning up today). Beware – for the littlies, there is a scene of sadness, with the passing of a character from the first movie.  I was taken aback the first time I saw it – not expecting a death, and Astrid 2.0, whom is 5, cried with true viking spirit. But there was context and made the finale a true celebration of success and community spirit, so she saw it for what it was – real life is not sanitised after all!   The sequel is a visual feast, with many new characters and wonderous locations, a treasure trove of fabulous new dragons, and we get to meet the greatest of all – the Bewilderbeast.


Then of course, there is Valka, the ultimate mother-hero.  I absolutely love how the HTTYD storylines have strong, independent females: Astrid, Ruffnut, Valka.  They send out fabulous messages to all girls that they can be brave and fearless and still be female, respected and loved.  In fact, the whole gang is cool, slightly naughty and rebellious:  I love that the viking kids are growing up and continuing to solve their own problems as a team.  Perfect subliminal teachings for kids whilst they soak up the entertainment with a side dish of popcorn.

httyd team

Well – I wont spoil the story, now that the Dragons have returned, you can grab a copy and become immersed for yourself.  And then we can all start annoying Dreamworks for HTTYD3 – perhaps I can get a small cameo and win back my daughter!

Happy dragon training to all!

I, Toldyah.

This is an unpaid blog post celebrating a love my daughter and I share – dragons.







Where are my dragons?

It’s a common catch-cry these days, Where are my dragons?  Dany’s says it, Astrid says it, and now my own daughter says it.

Why are all these girls looking for dragons?  Because it has been SO LONG, so very, very long……. We have waited, and waited, and now, finally, I am able to report that DRAGONS HAVE BEEN FOUND.  Dragons – a modern, feisty, intelligent girl’s best friend.

Yes, they are returning to us, to be ours, to live in our homes, be part of our lives forever!  When, I hear you ask excitedly….  just a moment and I will reveal all!IMG_5039

We were lucky to be invited to a top-secret pre-return dragon training session today, were my own little Astrid wannabe was put through her paces in preparation for the dragons imminent return.  A session at the Viking Training Academy, where Gobber himself gave her the nod – she is READY, dragon rider certification is hers.

2014-11-09 10.59.42

Now all we need is a dragon – WHERE ARE THOSE PESKY DRAGONS????????

Dragons Day is this Wednesday, 12 November 2014, and on this day, the Dragons return.  Watch this site for more information.

In the meantime – here is the story of our last dragon encounter!  Here be dragons