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Bun in the Oven – hot and cross!

Oh yum, today’s the day!  Hot Cross Bun day, third best eating day in the year (after Bunny-Meister Day and Chrissy Day).  So my taste buds are revving up!

No business talk – time for fun and family this long weekend!

There is so much choice today – fruit buns, chocolate buns, chocolate berry buns, double choc buns……. how to fit it all in!

My fave are choc chip ones – mmmmmmmm.  And since hubby doesnt like ’em, so it’s just me and the lil critter that get to munch away on the half dozen. Woo hoo.

Of course they have to be warm. And be smothered in butter.  Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside – none of this bulk manufactured rubbish from the bread companies (sorry TipTop, George Weston, Goodman Fielder), gotta go to Brumbys for the best – they have won awards!

Then the question is – how can I sneak in hot cross buns for lunch…. I have planned the weekly loaves of bread consumption to have not enough for us all for lunch hehehe. I am the master of sneakiness!  No no, ASIO, you cant recruit me, my sneakiness surpasses your needs! So – looks like I will just have to sacrifice myself and have buns for lunch *sigh – oh woe to me*

have considered how to make it buns for dinner but as we have interstate guests I don’t think it would be wise…….never mind!  There is always tomorrow breakfast when we may not have enough bread for seven….oops, quick, an emergency trip to Bakers Delight perhaps!

Ooooooooooh – oven timer just went off – time for a lil bit of heaven!

Have a bun crossed day.

I, Toldyah