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Trends – so amazing aren’t they!  I commented in a previous post about planking – lol – a brief time in the sun for that one!  And now, hot on its heels we have GLAMPING……..

Oooooooooooh – what is that you ask – excellent question!  It is glam campingYep, take one tent, add one Paris Hilton, mix in a dash of Posh and Becks and taah daah – there you have it.

Of course, it begs the question – why not stay in a luxe hotel???????  Because we are camping daaaaaaaaahlink, CAMPING like the plebs.   Slumming it in style!

When I was a kid we took our version of glamping (a 4 person tent which had a separate sleeping area – sooooooo la-di-dah for the day), whacked it up in the camp grounds at Wilson’s Prom, and dined on gas barbecued food for each meal.  No fridge apart from a little esky, topped daily with ice, no tv, loo or sink (we had a washing up bucket and the local amenities block).  It was fun – we got to know the neighbours, we played for hours whilst the parents drank cask wine and laughed a lot.

How soft have we become that such trials are beyond us.  Our cavemen great great great (etc) grandaddies would be horrified.

I’ve decided to invent a couple of new crazes to harden people back up – so please, check out the delightful experiences below and send you bookings to hardenupppl@noglamping4me.com. Act quick – places are going fast!  Have your credit card ready.

Experience 1 – Nanping

You get to stay with nan and pop for 3 nights and do all the chores the old-fashioned way ‘cos they don’t have new-fangled contraptions like washing machines and powered mowers – also doubles as a get fit experience.

Experience 2 – Gramping

You are given some sticks, palm fronds, instructions and a stone, and left on a deserted island for 7 luxurious days and nights.  A totally sustainable holiday! Green Camping at it’s best.   Also can be utilised as a weight loss experience or training week for Survivor TV series.

Experience 3 – Stramping

We saved the best for last.  Live on the streets of New York for 5 fun-filled nights!  We kit you out with a newspaper and shopping cart and off you go exploring back alleys and park benches.  Also doubles as an Entrepeneurs’ Survival experience.

And no – this is not able disrespecting street wanderers – it is about commenting on how hard their lives are – so please – no angry comments!


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