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Bugger – a Road Block

Aaarrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhh.  Hit a road block – a big one!

The problem with a tech start up (oooh – looky, another clue to what I am doing) is that if you aren’t a techie person the answers to your questions are super hard to understand – hmmmmmm, let me rephrase……. are written/spoken in some cyborg language from the 25th century that my brain is completely ill-equipped to grapple with.  A bit like asking my 2-year-old to complete an equation using matrix multiplication.  Ahhhhhhhhh HSC mathematics – I knew you would come in handy one day – and here it is!

Before I celebrate that happy occurrence though, I need to find a way to re-route Toldyah back onto the winning track.  I am so STUCK on a nutty problem.  Just how much can you compress uploaded video files from phones and cameras.

RED ALERT RED ALERT: massive clues to business idea….

Anyway, apparently the answer to my question is the same as “How long is a piece of string“.  Which isn’t good enough for me.  I can’t complete the financial part of the business plan, nor actually verify the business can make money (pretty important point for investors apparently) without this info.  The answers I get from searches and discussions always starts with …”It depends on….”   SO MANY VARIABLES!

I am a perfectionist, so getting the answer right is BUGGING me.  People say to me to guess, it’ll be about right.  But gees, the best and worst scenarios make a break even date that is light years apart.  How can I sound like I have a clue when presenting that to Bill, Richard, Bernard or Carlos!

I do need to decide ASAP – have to finalise the BP so I can get the website started. Ahhhh – there we have another challenge – how to write a brief that sounds like it is written in 25th Century Cyborg.  Anyone got a Cyborg to English translator handy?

I, Toldyah

BTW – the best 2 answers for the string question in my opinion:

  • About Yay long                                                                                                                
  • Double the distance from middle to one end.