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Sunday night musings

So who wants to be a star?

Yes yes, I can see Gen Y jumping up and down waving their hands – and even some of Gen X, those happy to flip the bird at their own Gen. and play with the “youngsters” to have some fun (and yup, this includes me *grin*)

Is FB getting boring? MySpace gone to outerspace? YouTube becoming a re-run?

Toldyah is under construction, and we want to:


So get those video phones out and start practicing your catwalk saunter.

We’ll soon be looking for some talented style magnets to start making the news rather than watching it!

Have a great week,

I, Toldyah

Whaaat a week!

Phhhheeeewwwwwwww.  It’s Saturday.  The week sped by!  3 days of business school – Marketing!  What a fantastic topic, I learned so much.  Tightened up the business plan and started developing the launch plan. And YOU my fellow readers, will be critical to that! (Did I say how lovely you are looking today?)

Put together our MEGA submission – that was a MEGA task (LOL – yep you will come to realise I have a very sad sense of humour – you will shake your head and wonder why I don’t use my powers for good – or perhaps evil would be more interesting…..hmmmmm – A superbaddie blog – I love it).  The other thing you will come to shake your head at – I love to digress!  And I use way too many dots…..

So – down to business….. (see Toldyah)

Wanna be a star?  We can make yah famous!

Hang tight and over the next few weeks the plans will be unveiled.

Until then, havagr8wknd, shop well, live heartily, and remember,

I, Toldyah.