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How to make Elsa’s hair (from Frozen)

My daughter is hyper excited about an upcoming Frozen Party.  We have shopped, ordered online, compared jewellery and princess slippers, and then atlast we came to the hair.  Such an important part!  The tiara will not work with just any old plait – we need a FROZEN plait!


Off we went to the local art and craft supplies shop (Lincraft in our case), and there we agonised over colours and textures. We settled on 2 balls of super cool textured wool – called “big wool”. It varies in width to add gorgeous texture and had great hair colours, including one ball of mixed yarn in true beige, blonde and ice blues – perfect for the ice queen!  We bought:

2 balls 50g wool – textured wool of varying widths make a brilliant end plait. We used boy blue mix and cream.


1 aqua blue glitter

1 silver white glitter glue (or nail polish)

1m bright aqua ribbon

To make the plait:

1. Make loops of the wool about 1.2 times as long as the plait will be. Keep looping until you use up the ball of wool.


2. Loop a 15cm piece of wool through loops at one end, tie in a bow (so you can add in the other ball afterwards).


3. Repeat with other ball and open the bow.

4. Add the loops to the others and mix in together if you have 2 colours.

5. Re-tie the bow loosely so you can push some hair through.

6. Cut the loops at the other end.

7. Attach the tied end to a handle or have the Elsa princess hold it.

8. Sort the strands so the colour coverage is even and loosely plait until 10cm form end.

9. Use a piece of wool to tie a know around the plait and hold firm.

10. Add the glitter nailpolish then spinkle aqua glitter very lightly over top.


11. Add the aqua ribbon to the the plait to finish.

  • Tie 30cm piece of ribbon over wool tie20140628_152306
  • Pinch rest of ribbon around 8cm in. Twist and hold with fore finger and thumb.


  • Loop around a bow around 8cm long and twist back to middle – hold as above.


  • Repeat for bottom loop, then one more each up and down from midpoint.


  • Hold the bows securely!


  • Move to plait and hold at midpoint whilst someone ties the flat ribbon tightly over top in a knot.


  • Trim ribbon ends into diagonal cuts.

To add to hair separate into 3 parts and wrap one through and around plait.  Plait into other 2 pieces of hair and secure with a band.


Oops – I forgot to live


I woke up this morning and realised I had forgotten something important!  I forgot to live. Been so immersed in work, a mortgage and having baby routines over the last 3 years that the fun seems to have disappeared.  A grey, dull life of careful planning,  just ease the way through all the issues.


Aaaah – those single days – sleeping in (sigh), staying out late, eating at 9pm, making spur of the moment decisions to go out for the night, or weekend.  Hehe, it was a sweet life.  Wait – I am NOT complaining.  Just realising that being a parent is more than paying a mortgage, providing clean clothes and a nutritious meal at 6p.m. every night.  Trying to control absolutely every moment of the day is not only hard work, it is futile!  Things will still happen.  Time to get back to embracing change, to living on the unpredictable side of the fence.  For in keeping everything so controlled I have done my child a disservice.  If she doesn’t learn to “roll with the punches” she wont be so successful in adapting to change,  and she wont be as capable at finding solutions to challenges. I became over protective.

These are huge goals for me to provide her with skills in.  If she can adapt, if she can withstand adversity and failure, then she will be able to find success in whatever goals she chooses to set for herself.  I think these are critical attributes for any entrepreneur (and we are all entrepreneurs in whatever we choose to do).   I am driven to providing these skills to her because I know I lack the tenacity of overcoming failure myself.  I am trying to find the way to work around the fear, around the feeling of disappointment at failing, a way to be less controlling, to be ok to lose money or reputation, and go with the flow more, but it is very frustrating, and keeping me back from my own entrepreneurial successes.  Take a look at the great entrepreneurs of today – they are NOT afraid to fail. They have all failed a number of times before finding success.  And they will all tell you that it was through their failures that they found success. Did you know that Walt Disney failed twice in businesses before being the household name he is today?  He started the Iwers-Disney Commercial Artist Company, which fell after a very rocky start. Then he had Laugh-O-Grams which went out of business due to bankruptcy, mainly because he had studio costs, far too many staff and not enough revenue to pay everything.

  • Donald Trump – has gone bankrupt how many times?
  • Steve Jobs was fired by Apple Computers in 1985, the company he helped to create. He went on to acquire Pixar, made it a success, and then came back to reinvent Apple as a very successful consumer products business.
  • Dean Kamen, the creator of the Segway Human Transporter, several successful biomedical device businesses, and holder of 440 patents, jokes that his biggest failure is “that I have too many to talk about.”
  • Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb, central power generation, and the phonograph, but failed in his effort to extract low-grade iron ore from sand. He brushed this off, and went on to many successful media and transportation businesses later in life.

Anyway, back to the topic.

Life is what teaches you to overcome failure, to embrace change and use it for positive.  And it is these ups and downs that give life it’s colour, its vibrancy.  By controlling life too closely, it becomes boringly stable, and that makes us fade away.  Automatons just wandering through the day following the same old vanilla cookie recipe.  No – stop – lets throw some chocolate chips in!  Lets live on the edge, feel the heart pumping, let loose the rules of our society a little, open up the arms and explore that which is different, find some fun, have an adventure.  And I am going to start right now.  Tomorrow – no plans, we are getting in the car and just going somewhere for the day.  See what happens, find solutions on the run.  Makes my heart race in anticipation! Oh my – I might just start to feel alive!

Long term – time to take more risks, take less notice of cultural and community expectations and do what is right for US as a family.  Oh – and plan a holiday or 2 that do NOT include a family visit (as have all trips since our honeymoon in 2005).  Disneyland – we cant wait to raid the mortgage and come see you in a couple of years!

So, I am off to start living in technicolour again – how about you?

I, Toldyah

Countdown to Disney/Pixar CARS 2

I have a toddler.  And a husband.  Which means I spend a lot of time running around after 2 children LOL.  Toddler learns from hubby, hubby from toddler.

Both are beside themselves at the moment ‘cos the new Disney/Pixar Cars sequel is now single digit days away.  Cars – my toddler adores it so much her 2nd birthday party had a cars theme.  Jumpy castle, lightning McQueen races, cups and plates, Mater parts fishing…….  The wait for number 2 has been long and impatient! (See bottom for update on how it went)

CARS Birthday party

Wondering why the fuss – here is the trailer – looks brilliant!

The lil one has never been in a movie theatre before – I have no idea how she will react.  Will she sit quietly?  Be fascinated by the people and not watch the screen, or get bored half way through?  I think she will sit stock still through out and love it (with her dad right beside her).  She just loves Lightning and Mater so very much.  Of course, there will be the special souvenirs to keep her amused if needed, that’s an obligatory part of seeing your first ever movie.  Hopefully we’ll be allowed to take some pics of the experience.

The toddler knows it is coming, although she isn’t yet able to count the days down, so every morning its – CARS today mummy?  Soon hun, soon, and then whack on the CARS DVD to help ease the wait.

How exciting it will be to see her reactions to this new experience – just quietly, I am so excited myself.  That Lightning is a bit of a stud muffin you know!

I, Toldyah.

UPDATE 26/6/11 (Happy Birthday Opa).  We went, we watched, we amazed at Mater’s heroics.  She sat through the whole thing and loved it – and the popcorn too.  Do yourself a favour and go watch CARS 2 withyour kids.  Be aware – it is a long movie (2 hours 15 minutes with adverts and short feature from TOY STORY).