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Google Plus, Google +, what will you be?

Oooh – guess what…… Well – you wouldn’t have guessed except you saw the title, which gives it away for the most part.  Oooooooooooooh.  YEP, I am a trailblazer now.  I became a Google+ tester today.  You may now bow before me in humble gratitude to bask in my exalted presence.

Now everyone wants to be my friend!  I’m the cool girl at school.  Hmmmm – nope – you can’t hang out – your too short.  Yeah – you can hang out – you have a rich daddy.  I wonder if anyone has tried selling invites yet – should check Ebay LOL.  Ok…. I checked (didn’t know I’d gone did yah!)  Yep – budding entrepreneurs are selling invites LOL.

I will still feel special – I didn’t have to bribe my way in *grin*   Dont worry – I love you all and will invite you in to my special party.  Just bring a nice pressie will yah.

So what is so interesting about Google+????????   There is the obvious – school yard fight it is trying to bring to Facebook (you know – the 2 playground giants, facing off for total control.  A bit like 2 of the New York mafia families deciding they need more turf…… watch out Mr Soprano!   But to me its the new ideas – the innovation.  FB is a bit old hat.  And Toldyah is most definitely new hat LOL.  Video is central to the concept.  (hmmmmmmm – a nice clue to the business if your were looking for one).  Google+ has video as a core communication tool – meaning Toldyah will fit in beautifully.  Here is a sneak preview (yep – that is me – on a really good day LOL).The site is still a bit bland, I havent yet made it my own – which I can apparently do – unlike FB.  There are some other very interesting little ideas -like searches you nominate are packaged and sent to you daily.  Needs a bit of tweaking to be specific enough, but cool anyway!  And they have taken a few lessons from mobile concepts – nominate circles of friends and be able to talk to them all at once – meet for coffee in an hour – to 6 mates, and get all the answers to everyone, convenience to the max.

I am hoping that Google + takes off, unlike their other attempts – Buzz…..buzzed off more than anything, and friend connect failed to make the right connections.  FB hasn’t been innovating too much (apart from their revenue streams of course).  So lets sit back and watch the kick up the rear – I wonder where FB will land.

And most interesting to me – where will Toldyah then be?

Off to do a bit more circle work on Google+

I, Toldyah.