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We are at Yuletide Defcon 4 People – man the festive hatches!

November 30…. tomorrow is officially Christmas season in my household – and for me that means tinsel, tinsel and more tinsel – you can NEVER have too much tinsel!

I have to admit upfront – I am a Christmas tragic… I take the festive season very seriously. I prepare for December 25th like Doomsday Preppers plan for the end of the world (luckily I get my D-day every year, which is so much more fun for perfecting THE PLAN).

The Plan – the method for making christmas fabulous. It includes the shopping schedule, the present buying, hiding and wrapping processes, the blueprint for Christmas Tree fabulousness, the master plan for lighting inside and outside the house, and so much more. How to build a chimney out of an average household laminate bookcase, the perfect santa cookie dough and the secret recipe for reindeer food.

xmas cooking Yes, I am that Christmas weirdo…. I should have been Mrs Santa Claus.  I watch The Santa Clause and am jealous! I have always been the Christmas girl…. at school, at home, I built my first homemade chimney at 11.  I refined the process over the years and now you may find it difficult to tell whether it is real or smoke and mirrors.  And tree decorating……. I take that one so seriously that my family do not dare touch a bauble…. they KNOW better.

xmas treeThis year my daughter is almost 6 and wanting to have a bit of a say in Christmas.  That’s a problem for me (yes, its my problem but not one I am willing to fix).  I thought long and hard about how to compromise – the result – Beth has a tree of her own. She has decorated it as she sees fit, and I have studiously butted out of the process, forcing opinions down along with the urge to tweek this or that.  Proudly – I managed to touch nothing and her tree is all her own.  I was amazed at the outcome – perhaps my Christmas decorating inclinations are a genetic disposition (there’s a PhD paper in there for someone!)  Back to the tree – she chose a white optic fibre tree and rainbow trims…. not traditional choices which played havoc with my yuletide sensibilities (my trees are red white green and gold – AND NOTHING ELSE), but they work for her.  Great effort for a 5-year-old.

beth's tree   beths tree 2

Come tomorrow the advent calendars are activated Ours is the Smiggle one this year – 5-year-old girls by law must love Smiggle!), the pudding soak with Frangelico steps up to the next level, and the decorating process commences.  I will come back and write some more each time I extricate myself from a roll of tinsel or LED lights.  If you have any particular recipes or instructables you would like me to cover just let me know!


I, Toldyah.


Position Vacant – must be willing to grow long beard

Hmmmmm – controversial start isn’t it.

Right now any number of you lovely readers are expecting me to start a diatribe about OBL (Osama if you are a little slow of the mark today).   And yes, I was tempted, very tempted. Lots of mileage in funny conspiracy theories and the facebook one-liners like “I bet Osama regrets using the Facebook Check In Feature” (hehehe – tickles my funny bone).

But no! I said back in my first posts I like to be a bit different, so I thought I would talk about something that makes my toddler delirious with excitement – SANTA.

Why? Good question – thanks for asking!   I let my lil one sit up to see the Princess get married on Friday.  She was wide-eyed at the pomp, amazed at the dress, and confused at the “Queen“, “sun, mummy” she asked – I assume because of the bright yellow get-up.   Then all the sudden she jumped up and screamed in delight. SANTA………SANTA…………SANTA.

I looked at the TV confused – thinking a joker in the crowd must be in fancy dress, but they were focussed on the altar……weird.  Again she jumped up, SANTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH.

And there he was, the jolly old dude, dressed in robes, with a big hat, and a long white beard.  His Xmassiness, the Archbishop of Canterbury!

Rowan Williams

Rowan Williams

My daughter’s life was now complete, a princess and Santa in one sitting, something that was completely within the realm of possibility in her world.  It made me wonder, if we would all see things through kids eyes, how happy the world would be.  And with a lot less killing.

I wonder how much I can learn, how many new solutions I can come up with by looking at things differently?  So I concocted a plan – I am going to spend tomorrow seeing things as a child – where everything is possible, unicorns come to high-tea and there are no restrictions on exuberance.  I think it’s going to be a fun day!

I’ll be back as an adult the day after tomorrow – c yah then.

I, Toldyah