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Blog Wot (or how NOT to avoid chocolate over easter)

In a bit of a rut today – flat out getting ready for Easter visitors and a visit from the bunny-meister.  So wot to blog??????

I asked my FB friends…..


Work life balance

How to cut down on chocolate

WHAT THE….. are you kidding me?

How to avoid chocolate just 4 days before the super bunny visits????????  What are you thinking, I am coming round to shake you back to reality missy!

I believe avoiding chocolate is a sin in itself (hehe – see that, I sneakily included religion in that comment – tick that topic off).  But cutting down the week of easter, well, why not just join Opus Dei, grab a switch and start swinging? (Another religious comment – woo hoo, tick tick).

Dont avoid the sweet sweet nectar this week, give in, treat yourself…..   Take some time out for you, immerse yourself in that velvety rich warm hug that is chocolate (oooooh looky here – a life balance comment – tick).  Allow yourself that pleasure in a time out at your work desk (tick tick – work balance comment), let the aroma  envelope you as you shred the packaging to get at the contents. Ahhhhhhhhh, yes, gobble it all down. Mmmmm.

Now rush back to the vending machine (more work time out, excellent balancing tick tick tick) for a second bar ‘cos the first went too fast. Repeat the experience, but slower……..mmmmm, wonderful.  That Kitkat just balanced you perfectly!

Counting down to chocky heaven (hehe – religion, tick, tick, tick)

I love a challenge!

To clear up insidious cash for comment accusations (you know who u r LOL), I wish to make it very clear that Nestle has not paid me for my KitKat reference. If they want to pay me, I take cheques, cash, and truckloads of chocky delivered straight to my door….. I’m waiting……

I, Toldyah.