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OMG – Sprung Bad!

Drat – you found out my secret plans.  Uncovered my quest for world domination *evil cackle*.  Well, David did anyway.

He was scanning Google Mars (as you do on a cold night at home alone) when he discovered a long white thing on Mars. Which was annoying enough – then he had to go tell the bloody world and post a video on YouTube.  He calls it “Bio-Station Alpha”.

BioStation Alpha

I call it my holiday home space station and launch pad for my cunning plan to rule the world. Ooops – did I write that out loud……..   just ignore the strange mental meanderings of an evil genius, my dear readers.

Ah David, how inconvenient. Now I have to use my back up space station on Jupiter.  Luckily that planet is so huge that even David will take years of lonely Saturday nights at home scanning Google Jupiter to find it!

Anyways – Nick Williams is now in on the act finding other weird Mars stuff – I like his YouTube video a whole lot more as it’s a parody – click here for Ski Station Beta on Mars……..

Needless to say people doing all this Mars discovery has delayed my plans to take over the world, then universe, so I am finalising the Toldyah business plan instead.  Back to numbers *sigh*.  The business plan for global domination was so much more fun – the process flow for corrupting heads of state rocks! (note to the CIA and NSA – this is a joke ok, you don’t need to come visit me or my space station which was really built for peaceful organic farming purposes).

There is a silver lining though – I have another idea for a viral campaign for Toldyah prelaunch that I will start developing.  Thank you YouTube – aliens, royal butt sizes and space stations are rich pickings!

BTW – if anyone happens to be wandering around on Mars and needs a place to stay, the keys are under the mat.

I, Toldyah (soon to be Supreme Unbelievably Cool Kingpin Excellency Diva Installed Now)

Work It Baby

Well here I am on holidays, although not really holidays ‘cos I have the kidlet with me and an AWOL hubby of doing men’s secret business for 3 days.

So, I spend the daylight hours entertaining and educating the lil one, and her sleep times working and cleaning up.  The holiday bit is in there somewhere.

It’s all good though – I realised how passionate I am about Toldyah when even on holidays I can’t leave the biz alone each day, and I am seriously champing at the bit to get back to getting more done at home!

Even today – our wedding anniversary, and I am blogging LOL.  Hubby is looking at me over the laptop like I am insane.  Perhaps I am, QUICK, someone call the rubber truck and men with the lovely snug white jacket.  Hehe hoho, It’s off to the funny farm I go.

Now, where was I? Ah yes, I am crunching numbers big time – and they are becoming seriously BIG numbers……..  building the website and app – upwards of $500K looks to be the way forward.  Let me just whip out the Visa card to pay for that.   Not mine of course, it would be declined for $50, perhaps some dear reader can lend me theirs?????

OMG – how does a website cost that much….. you don’t think about it when you shopping online at ebay, do a bit of Googling, or checking product info on the LG site (which I love, great design!).  But there is money in building them-thar sites I tells yah!  Trying to convince hubby to learn coding at the mo, but he isn’t having a bar of it!

Anywhoooooooo, so with most parts of the Business Plan finished, the business concept now robust and story boarded, it’s time to really finesse the coding brief.  Uggggggggggh.   In my last blog I mentioned Cyborg C25 for language, but I was mistaken.  I don’t believe the brief can actually be translated from non-techy me to a Nerdy lala techy in words.  So I decided I am going to mime it.

Anyone got white face paint and a stripey shirt?

I, Toldyah

Bugger – a Road Block

Aaarrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhh.  Hit a road block – a big one!

The problem with a tech start up (oooh – looky, another clue to what I am doing) is that if you aren’t a techie person the answers to your questions are super hard to understand – hmmmmmm, let me rephrase……. are written/spoken in some cyborg language from the 25th century that my brain is completely ill-equipped to grapple with.  A bit like asking my 2-year-old to complete an equation using matrix multiplication.  Ahhhhhhhhh HSC mathematics – I knew you would come in handy one day – and here it is!

Before I celebrate that happy occurrence though, I need to find a way to re-route Toldyah back onto the winning track.  I am so STUCK on a nutty problem.  Just how much can you compress uploaded video files from phones and cameras.

RED ALERT RED ALERT: massive clues to business idea….

Anyway, apparently the answer to my question is the same as “How long is a piece of string“.  Which isn’t good enough for me.  I can’t complete the financial part of the business plan, nor actually verify the business can make money (pretty important point for investors apparently) without this info.  The answers I get from searches and discussions always starts with …”It depends on….”   SO MANY VARIABLES!

I am a perfectionist, so getting the answer right is BUGGING me.  People say to me to guess, it’ll be about right.  But gees, the best and worst scenarios make a break even date that is light years apart.  How can I sound like I have a clue when presenting that to Bill, Richard, Bernard or Carlos!

I do need to decide ASAP – have to finalise the BP so I can get the website started. Ahhhh – there we have another challenge – how to write a brief that sounds like it is written in 25th Century Cyborg.  Anyone got a Cyborg to English translator handy?

I, Toldyah

BTW – the best 2 answers for the string question in my opinion:

  • About Yay long                                                                                                                
  • Double the distance from middle to one end.

A plan in the hand is worth….?what? to the bank?

Planning, planning, planning……..

Yep – honing the business plan.  Hard but valuable work.  ‘Cos it’s in the planning that the strengths, weaknesses and gaps become clear.  And boy have I found gaps LOL.  But filling them has been a lot of fun and made a better end product to offer.

But I have also some strengths which have been confidence boosters.

The weaknesses – well – they were clear from the start hehe.  A Mum with a Quality and Innovations background working an IT startup……. I can hear you laughing. (Ooooooooooooooh look – a clue to what I am doing!  Stay tuned – the next few blogs have more clues coming up).  First one to guess correctly will become Toldyah’s Chief Entertainment Officer (a joke really – unless you actually want the job?).

The financials is the scary bit.  Working on those right now after 3 days of Financial Business Planning at Bizness Babes last week.   Hmmmmm – anyone got a spare $100,000 to get me over the hump until the business turns a profit?  Yes?????? Fantastic – just write your cheque out to the Toldyah Nigerian Scam account……….  Of course if Mssrs Gates, Branson, Page, Ortega (Zara), or other members of the squillionaires club are reading – happy to accept donations or investment options!

Well, time to get back to the business planning – got to get it ship-shape so I can go beg some money to complete the dream and make Toldyah THE place to be seen.  Let me see 200 + 600 equals….. where’s that excel spreadsheet?

I, Toldyah

Coffee – wherefore art thou?

Be gentle today dear readers, it’s day 4 without coffee for me.

I’m not the greatest caffeine addict – only 2 coffees a day and rarely ever a coke.  But that morning wake up cuppa, and the evening wind down slurp after kid in bed are my little treats, little hugs of happiness to congratulate me for making it through the day *grin*.

And for 4 days they have been missing.  Aaargh.  You see – Gastro-Gate on the weekend was bad, and I am SCARED to go back to it.  Whilst my tummy still bubbles away menacingly the coffee machine is staying firmly switched off.   I look longingly my special Monopoly man coffee cup – a gift from a friend to remind me that THIS year I was going to make Toldyah a reality and become a squillionaire. But no coffee today…..

Alrighty, snap out of it woman – enough moaning about caffeine cravings….

Time for some work! MEGA is tonight – must get prepared and be ready to push forward my ideas, need to get Toldyah developed properly.

So let’s take stock of where we are:

  • We have the concept – which is undergoing transformation via MEGA to make it a better business proposition.
  • We have the business planning underway via BiznessBabes course
  • We have the business name
  • We have domain names and logo

And there endeth the lesson………. I need to get a website designed. And I need to develop a launch plan that will have billions of people flocking to the site the instant I launch it (should be easy shouldnt it….).  Today I will work on the rules and requirements for the website, and the mood board for the look of the business. Fantastic – that’s my day planned – how about yours?

Fingers crossed that by 4pm when I jump on a train for the city I may even be able to grab a Gloria Jeans coffee………..  And that means tomorrow I may even be able to have some of that poor abandoned easter chocky!

In the words of the great Homer Simpson: Mmmmmmmmm, caffeine and chocky.

I, Toldyah

Wednesday already???? What happened????

So it’s Wednesday……(yep, remember the dots).  Time flies when your planning to take over the world.  Oops, did I type that aloud.  Just ignore it, it was a joke ASIO.

Planning, planning, planning.  THAT is actually the easy part.  Execution is the hard part.  Moving things along, finalising, putting things into action.  You can wait for things to happen (and usually they won’t), or you can just say, stuff it, I am going to do it anyway.

That is where I’m at right now.  I can wait for someone to help me, preferably by throwing a large pot of money at me, or I can go with what we have and just forge ahead cutting a swathe through the issues as they arise, finding solutions as I can.  So many times I have procrastinated, waiting for perfect conditions – but they dont exist in the real world!  My current position reminds me of a famous quote I love:

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.

So lets get started……

Machete anyone?

Remember, I, Toldyah

Whaaat a week!

Phhhheeeewwwwwwww.  It’s Saturday.  The week sped by!  3 days of business school – Marketing!  What a fantastic topic, I learned so much.  Tightened up the business plan and started developing the launch plan. And YOU my fellow readers, will be critical to that! (Did I say how lovely you are looking today?)

Put together our MEGA submission – that was a MEGA task (LOL – yep you will come to realise I have a very sad sense of humour – you will shake your head and wonder why I don’t use my powers for good – or perhaps evil would be more interesting…..hmmmmm – A superbaddie blog – I love it).  The other thing you will come to shake your head at – I love to digress!  And I use way too many dots…..

So – down to business….. (see Toldyah)

Wanna be a star?  We can make yah famous!

Hang tight and over the next few weeks the plans will be unveiled.

Until then, havagr8wknd, shop well, live heartily, and remember,

I, Toldyah.