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Wont you take me to Diva-town

My 3 year old had a reward last weekend.  After a few false starts, now she is a big girl (undies all the way), so she got to choose a treat to celebrate.  From her daddy she asked for a RC Heli – no surprise there.

I was all geared up for the “I want to ride a pony” request, only to be instead served up: “I would like to get my haircut and nails done with you mummy”.  OMG – when did Bethie Boo go from 3 to 13?  Wow, but also cool, so I made the appointments at my hairdresser and we counted down to the big day.

Of course, I expected to be in full control of the happenings, there to calm her if she got a bit scared, ready to soothe her if she became overwhelmed by the processes enveloping her.  Cape on, Supermummy to the rescue (I leave the tights at home these days, thermals are more my geriatric style)!  Except that isn’t what happened.  MS Bethie Boo channeled her inner diva and was in full command of the situation!  We’d been split apart as they were overbooked and short on space, so I tried to remain in earshot to help by barking out the orders as needed.  First up – I was getting my hair washed prior to cutting, as the DIVA (yes, it was an all capital performance, eat your heart out Mariah Carey) was being led to a chair.  Except that she refused to go.  Shaking her head she pointed to the basin.  “Wash please” she commanded regally.  The hairdresser looked at me and I laughed – “its her day, so whatever she wants”.

Next was to cut and fluff.  She was just having a trim so that went without a hitch.  Then I heard the hairdresser asking if she wanted a blow-dry or braid. I was about to yell out blow dry when a very confident young voice indicated braids please.   Wow again.  Next up – ribbons or clips.  “No clips” was determined before I even thought of an answer.  Then she was whisked to the nail booth and out of my sight.  She chose colours and finishes without hesitation, instructed for more glitter (you can never have enough glitter after all!).   She was LOVING the independence.  I felt a bit of the cord unravel with a twang across my heart.  My baby was growing up.  But it wasn’t bad, I felt an even stronger flush of pride and happiness in the way she was making choices in her own life, in the way she was reveling in the process of decision making without over-protective mummy getting in the way.  I made a mental note – let her have more of the little freedoms in every day things, if she chooses badly, it doesn’t matter, hair can grow back, clothes can be replaced, and she will learn to embrace trial and error as a way to solving problems.

It seems so simple here, but was quite a revelation to me.  All the decisions I make daily for her without a second thought I need to reconsider.  Some should be delegated to her, and others should be a joint decision.  I never thought I would be relinquishing control so early, but I am happy to do so – quite excited in fact to watch what decisions she will make and what their outcomes will be.  A little rose emerging from the bud…….  Hmmmm…. Or perhaps a monster truck roaring off the assembly line……..

Wild ride – here we come!

I, Toldyah

Be Brave, this Wont Hurt a Bit……

Ok – so I have been trying to follow-up on the living more exercise – it is much harder than I thought!  Working full-time means time is at  premium, so routines are not only useful, they are essential to getting the day done without disasters!  And once I start into a routine I go onto autopilot, and just blindly follow the routine until I come out of the fugue to find it is midnight and time for bed.  Oops – missed another day.

Somehow I need to find the right mix of routine to make the day move along without forgetting to wear knickers, and not reverting to automaton state.  And I imagine every other full-time working mum is in exactly the same boat!  If anyone has any tips I would be very glad to hear them!  And perhaps I need to start feeling better about the disasters – after all, they are the things that will give little Bethie Boo the experience in overcoming challenges and finding solutions.  DEEP BREATH, Old Mrs Perfectionist here (just slightly OCD about always getting things done the right way) – time to let go the reigns on get it right the first time.  Time to explore the other side of the fence – you know – the dark side,  CHAOS.  (Can you here the asthmatic whine of Darth Vader beckoning you over, I can).  I mean, how bad can it be?  No lunch packed, ah well there are SHOPS and CAFES.  House wasn’t vacuumed today, there is always tomorrow – the dirt will still be there. No clean knickers……….hmmm, lets not go there, that may just be my line in the sand.  Oh wait, there’s always Target *grin*  Phew – saved.Our next big step is one that is making both hubby and I quite panicked…..leaving our 3-year-old overnight.  OMG…my heart is pounding.  As parents we sacrifice so much for our kids and feel utter responsibility for them don’t we?  To leave her overnight with someone else is like deserting your post.  I expect Sunday morning will start with military police breaking down the hotel room door and hauling us off to be court martialed.  And this is all so stupid.  She is staying with the grandparents – whom she has spent nearly every weekday with since she was 4 months old – she probably knows them better than us LMAO.  She is viewing the sleepover as exciting (which is exactly what I want – her to meet changes and new things with a positive attitude).


She will get spoilt.  The in-laws on the other hand are in for a shock at the 5.30am wake up call hehe.   And that of course leads to MY positive side – we get to have a sleep in for the first time in 3 years, plus a romantic dinner at 360 Bar and Dining (where we got engaged) by ourselves, and later than 6pm – a return to adulthood!  Plus we are going to the Picasso exhibition – a treat I doubt Ms 3 would find particularly enthralling after the first 3 weird people paintings (I can hear it now: Mum – why is that lady’s nose up there? And why has she got a pointed head. And why is her arm like that…. Why is she blue?  Can she see with her eyes like that.  Mum, why aren’t my eyes like that?)  Could be fun for 10 minutes!

Do you get to play the 1000 question game with your kids?  I love it, I love to answer factually and see how far we can go – then when I run out of true answers I start with the silly, magical answers.  Bethie Boo knows they aren’t true, but it becomes a game who can get the last idea or question.  We usually end up in stitches.

Well – time to go work – I hope your day is filled with questions!

Oh – and the weekend away – is thanks to winning a competition from Triple  M & Art Gallery NSW – YOU GUYS ROCK – THANKS SO MUCH!

I, Toldyah

Bethie meets the Panasonic TA20 camera – who will flinch first?

We have a new camera!  Woo hoo!  And yes – it is another Panasonic – adding to our stable hehe.  This one is a Panasonic TA 20, we got it because both hubby and daughter have a knack for destroying MY cameras, so they can have one of their own.  Hubby has dropped a couple of Sonys and wrapped one Pana around a tree in the course of filming as he flies RC helicopters.   And Beth, well – she is the average soon-to-be 3-year-old – falling down and walking into stuff happens – A LOT…..

So we went for this Panasonic version as they say its tough.  I mean really tough.  Drop it 1.5m and it bounces back (well, not literally, but hey Mr Panasonic, there’s your next improvement: bouncy corners lol), but it will survive the fall to take pics again.  Drop it in the pool or tub – no probs! Down to 3 m and it will swim happily and still take pics.  Dust proof cover means dirt is no threat, great for digging in the garden, as has happened previously in our backyard *sigh*  I wonder – when Pana say tough, have they considered those of the calibre of my family??????   They may be eating their words after I release the hounds of destruction on this lil baby!

But for all these features and Arnie-level toughness, it apparently still has brilliant performance.  Full HD recording for movies in camera that looks pretty damn cool – we got blue, Bethie’s fave colour ATM – love it, and is just a little thicker than an iPhone.  RRP is $299, but its at Ryda for $262, the idea being it is like a phone camera but much better quality and options – even comes with a lil tripod!!!!!!!!!

There is also Night View Mode, which detects dark scenes so you can shoot clear images in the dark.  Minds out of the gutter people (yes I too had visions those glow in dark adult products bouncing around), it will be interesting to see how it goes in dark settings – will take some versus the TZ20 to see how good it is.  

And best of all – amazingly – it has a touch screen on the back!  Waterproof, dustproof and a touchscreen, how do they do it.   I am ready to see just how well that could possibly work!  On first play it seemed simple to use – even Beth was swapping between photos and vids hehe.  Here is a pic I took of her as she got ready for testing – in low light of lounge room on a very overcast day and blinds half-shut.  A little grainy but think I need to look at settings – just point and clicked after putting SD card in.

We have only just opened it up and put it through some initial paces. Bethie Boo spent today taking it for a run (literally, complete with falls), and hubby is strapping it to the bottom of an RM heli as you read.  I’ll put together the results in some vlogs (videos) and you can see for yourself what happens.

Video below is of Bethie Boo’s intro to camera as was done on my Panasonic Lumix TZ20 – gorgeous camera for everyday use for those of use NOT so bent on destruction!

You have my faith Panasonic – and my family has your TA20!  Quake in your boots.

I, Toldyah