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Tick Tick Boom, Facebook says goodbye

Are you ready for it?   I warned you all…….. it was coming……….. did you listen and prepare?  Did you arrange Google plus accounts and sign up to Toldyah?  Or will you be without any form of social media contact in 48 hours?

November 5 approaches……. A slow steady drumbeat as the seconds tick by, bringing us closer to the day Anonymous will take down Facebook.  Woo hoo.  Get those end of the world parties planned people, for what world is worth living in without Facebook?  Will the world even continue to spin without FB supporting it?  Perhaps there will be a collective throwing up of arms and the world will implode when we all realise we can’t give our bestie’s latest outfit the thumbs up, or lay abuse on a multinational conglomerate,s first tentative and poorly attempted foray into the harsh world of social commentary.

What happens if the world, by some twist of fate, survives this decimation?  What will it be?  How will we survive without the 631 connections we barely know?  Imagine – having to send an EMAIL with pics attached, *shiver*, so 1990’s.  Will life be worth living without Company advertising taking up our news feed?

Will it be the rise of LinkedIn, or will Google Plus enslave us with its clean, circular offering?  Will Toldyah suddenly become the world’s choice for computer chat, be snapped up by some .com squillionaire for billions, making me a happy gal as I kick back on my own private island whilst minions cater to my every whim?  Will Kim Kardashian offer to marry Facebook to save the day, then tells us all 10 weeks later it was a sham?  Or perhaps the principles of probability will win the day, and Anonymous are only tricking, Facebook will remain the uber-lord it is today, and the doom mongers like me will find something else to write about…..

Damn – that’s no fun!  Come on Anonymous – Make MY day!

I, Toldyah.

The end is nigh – repent all ye Facebookers

Yes, its true.  The Mayans predicted it, The Knights Templar have worked tirelessly to avoid it, and Google plus is secretly rubbing their hands with glee…..

On November 5 the world as we know it will END.  Get your affairs in order people.  Stock up your Farmville larders.  Gather to ye all yon friends and get real life contact details for them. 


Facebook threat is end of world

Ok now – stop panicking….. it’s ok.  We will go on.  Make no mistake, it will be difficult.  There will be no status updates.  No sharing stupid viral YouTube vids of kittens fallen off the lounge.  No tagging pics of mates vomiting at 4am after too many mimosas. And to contact a friend you will in fact make the effort to phone or text, or scarier still – catch up in real-time. 

All right, all right, STOP hyperventilating – it will be fine, you will learn to deal with it.

Anonymous have apparently decided FB needs to meet oblivion (oblivion of course has already met Facebook – that’s why it’s so boring).   Anonymous say “prepare for the post-Facebook reality”………  Oooh – scary.

Tremble in your boots people.  Why can’t they do something useful and take down the bank holding my mortgage LOL.  Or the electricity companies accounts departments – now THAT would make us all happy.

Anyway, back on topic – I have great news!  All the Facebook addicts out there who’ve marked Nov 5 with a big black cross, DO NOT FEAR!  All ye FB sinners, REPENT & REJOICE for Toldyah is your saviour!  We will lift you up from the desolation of the Anonymous FB wasteland and turn your eyes to the righteous path.

Toldyah - making yah famous, vid uploads, tell it like it is

Toldyah will soothe your soul, allow you to upload vids to talk to one another, feed you your daily ration of electronic data, and all without the mega goliath attitude of sucky old FB. 

So come visit our lil start up – and if you want to know more, I am looking for a Tech Co-founder and financial partners….please use the form below to contact me!

Perhaps Anonymous can lend me some money?????????

Stay strong people, we shall prevail.

I, Toldyah.