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Support the RSPCA and Renbury Shelter they do wonderful work!  Also please support the Lost Dogs Home.

Hello my name is Schutz, well, it is now.  It used to be Number 7.  You see, I was abandoned as a pup.  My dad was abandoned too, and we ended up in Renbury Shelter over Christmas in 2005.  I heard the people say that we were abandoned ‘cos the owners went away and didnt want to look after us.  The shelter was a scary place.  Dad and I were in cages next to each other, but I couldnt cuddle him, and there were so many other loud dogs.  There was a sign on our cages and dad said it asked people to adopt us together, so atleast I would stay with my dad.

One day a man came and looked at dad.  He was a bit angry looking and spent a long time talking to the people.  He kept shaking his head.  The people looked sad as they put a new sign on dad’s cage.  Dad started to cry.  He may be a big tough looking rottweiler but we are all softies on the inside, we need a lot of love to fill our big hearts.  He said the man was going to take him to look after their car yard but I wasnt allowed to go.  I felt so scared.  What would happen to me? 

The next day dad left, and I cried and cried.  I was all alone. I didnt want to eat.  I didnt want anyone to touch me.  Then a new dog was put next to me.  He looked like dad, but much more muscly and shiny, he must have loving people who fed and looked after him.  He laid on my side of the cage.  I went and laid next to him – he was nice and warm.  He told me his name was Tyson and he was a bit confused.  He was old and blind, and a big firework had gone bang near the back yard.  He had panicked and smashed the fence to run away from the noise, but then couldnt find his way back, so ended up here. He was sad, he missed his mum and dad so badly.  I wanted to give him a big hug, but I could only lay next to him in our cages.  He smelt so wise and strong, he made me feel better.

Suddenly, Tyson jumped up excited and started to cry.  I saw 2 people come running up.  They opened his cage and began hugging him so tightly.  I watched and thought how lucky he was.  They took him out of the cage and put his lead on him.  I stood at the front near them and wished I was going.  I cried a little bit, where’s my dad I thought, I need a hug.  The lady looked back at me and spoke to the people.  They nodded and she came up to me.  She told me I was a skinny little thing, was I really a rotty?  I tried to smile at her.  She took me out of the cage and the people gave her a lead.  They took us to a field in the shelter and let Tyson and I go, let us play whilst they watched.  I jumped and ran – it was so nice to be free!  Tyson smiled at me and hugged me, and got a bit grumpy if I bumped him cos he couldnt see me coming.  After a while the lady laughed and nodded.  She came and scooped me up in her arms.  Do you want to come home with us little puppy she asked.  I licked her face – yes please! 

Tyson and Schutz (means protector in German) had a wonderful year together before Tyson passed away at 11 years. Tyson taught Schutz how to eat fresh meat (he didnt know), how to patrol the fence, play tug of war, and how to live a happy life. Schutz gave Tyson back some puppyhood, and eased his last year with the silly puppy things he did.  Schutz is our 3rd rotty, and the most loving in nature. He plays with and protects our 2 year old daughter as if his own, and is always, always there to have a hug, to be a silly running puppy (even at 6!), and look after us.  It is us that are lucky to have found him.

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