Dinosaur Party Ideas

OK – so this year dearest daughter turned 3!  And her current obsession is dinosaurs, so there it was – the theme for her party. Beth’s Dinotopia.

I make everything I possibly can, because to me, that is my way to show my love.  And save some money, and get something no-one else has!  So on this page, and the link pages attached, are some ideas of what you can do – play with the ideas, change them, make them yours, and most of all, have lots of fun!’

Let’s begin – Invitation:

I grabbed a dino pic and used Powerpoint to play with it, colour it the way I wanted, add text etc.  Then I saved it as a .jpg and printed out a whole lot as pictures on kodak  6 x 4 inch magnetic  photo paper (I got 4 packs of 6 on clearance from grocery store for $1 each at the end of spring!).  Cut them out and taaa daaahhhh – magnetic invites! Chuck ’em on the fridge and party wont be forgotten!

Dinotastic Decorations:

We used party stores (or if in US try Oriental Trading – ok to courier to Australia if you are buying a lot but expect to almost double costs for postage, items are so cheap though it makes it worthwhile.)  In Australia Discount Party Warehouse are good to keep an eye on.  I used ceiling dino swirls, dino balloons and inflatables and dino tablecloths, plates etc. You can choose between scary dinos or cute and fuzzy dino themes (we went the cute route).

For signs, I use plastic cups that I filled 1/3 with plaster of paris (from any art or general store).  Before it set I added stakes to hold signs.  I printed signs the same theme as invites with text explanations.  I remove the set weights from cups and covered in cellophane and ribbon, then added the signs.  You could make balloon weights the same way.


Pin the Pteranodon on the Jurassic landscape – from party stores

Sand art – from US you can get dino bottles to fill with coloured sand.  This was a huge hit with the kids, they tipped most out and started again they loved it so much.  You can get other shapes, necklaces, pens etc to fill as well.  If you don’t want to buy artificial coloured sand, get table salt in bulk and finely grate coloured chalk into it – works just as well!  Note – if using on grass the salt will kill it when spilt (sorry grass loving hubby!). For older kids you can also get peel off sand art cards to make pictures which are cool.  Need to be 6 or more to make these fun though.

I bought dino masks and paddle balls for the kids to play with (and afterwards I put one of each in the thank you bags the guest took home). I had dino bubble blowers, dino blowouts, and dino temporary tattoos were put on.  I had planned a dinosaur excavation by filling a kiddie pool with small dino toys and sand, but I got sick and didn’t get this done.



We had dino pizzas of ham and cheese. Toast cut into dino shape with dino bread cutter from ebay, topped with pizza sauce, then cheese slice cut with same dino cutter, and then shredded ham.

We had dino fairy bread.  Same cutter on bread, buttered, and mono-coloured sprinkles to match theme used on bread.

Dino eggs – we cooked some chicken balls and told everyone they were dino eggs.

We make a candy bar – candy canes in the right colours, dino lollies, dino dippers, asteroides (chocolate covered candy that looks like rocks) and dino lollipops – yum!  I wanted to add dino shortbread and gingerbread biscuits using a dino cookie cutter, but illness stopped me cooking!


Dinolicious Cake:

I made the cake from scratch using a Little Chefs silicone dinosaur puzzle cake mould.  I make 2 layers from a White Velvet Cake – recipe here (to be smooth and moist and dense).  I added 3 electric colours to different sections of batter (pink, yellow and blue) and flavoured each differently (strawberry, banana cream, cotton candy).  I spooned the mixtures into each puzzle piece separately and mixed a little to swirl them. Don’t overdo the flavours – they gain strength by next day (my flavours were too strong!)

The icing was Italian Buttercream – recipe here.  I tinted it blue.  I made little scales by pouring melted blue Merckens wafers into a diamond jewel candy mould.  I then melted some Cadbury white buttons and spread a flat layer out. I crushed coloured boiled lollies and sprinkled on top. Once hard, I cut into strips then made into the shapes for the dino stripes etc.

Spread buttercream between and on top of layers, add the scales then chocolate strips, then add gel writing decos for eyes etc.


Party Bags:

Made up party bags with stuff off ebay – dino spencils, rubbers in little packs, dino dippers and lollipops, dino eggs (add water), dino pinball and dino magic writer, along with otehr sweets. The bags are just small paper bads to match theme – I printed dino pics with thanks text, cut them out and pasted onto bags.

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