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How to make Elsa’s hair (from Frozen)

My daughter is hyper excited about an upcoming Frozen Party.  We have shopped, ordered online, compared jewellery and princess slippers, and then atlast we came to the hair.  Such an important part!  The tiara will not work with just any old plait – we need a FROZEN plait!


Off we went to the local art and craft supplies shop (Lincraft in our case), and there we agonised over colours and textures. We settled on 2 balls of super cool textured wool – called “big wool”. It varies in width to add gorgeous texture and had great hair colours, including one ball of mixed yarn in true beige, blonde and ice blues – perfect for the ice queen!  We bought:

2 balls 50g wool – textured wool of varying widths make a brilliant end plait. We used boy blue mix and cream.


1 aqua blue glitter

1 silver white glitter glue (or nail polish)

1m bright aqua ribbon

To make the plait:

1. Make loops of the wool about 1.2 times as long as the plait will be. Keep looping until you use up the ball of wool.


2. Loop a 15cm piece of wool through loops at one end, tie in a bow (so you can add in the other ball afterwards).


3. Repeat with other ball and open the bow.

4. Add the loops to the others and mix in together if you have 2 colours.

5. Re-tie the bow loosely so you can push some hair through.

6. Cut the loops at the other end.

7. Attach the tied end to a handle or have the Elsa princess hold it.

8. Sort the strands so the colour coverage is even and loosely plait until 10cm form end.

9. Use a piece of wool to tie a know around the plait and hold firm.

10. Add the glitter nailpolish then spinkle aqua glitter very lightly over top.


11. Add the aqua ribbon to the the plait to finish.

  • Tie 30cm piece of ribbon over wool tie20140628_152306
  • Pinch rest of ribbon around 8cm in. Twist and hold with fore finger and thumb.


  • Loop around a bow around 8cm long and twist back to middle – hold as above.


  • Repeat for bottom loop, then one more each up and down from midpoint.


  • Hold the bows securely!


  • Move to plait and hold at midpoint whilst someone ties the flat ribbon tightly over top in a knot.


  • Trim ribbon ends into diagonal cuts.

To add to hair separate into 3 parts and wrap one through and around plait.  Plait into other 2 pieces of hair and secure with a band.



Hair today – purple gone tomorrow????????

They say a change is as good as a holiday – so I had a haircut and in my daughter’s words: paint over.

I am trying to regain lost youth by going hairstyle trendy!  Well, not too overboard, I am a middle-aged mother with a need for a certain amount of decorum (Janice Dickinson and Madonna – TAKE NOTE), so it was more about colour than cut.  Purple hair is the colour de jour apparently, so I threw natural tones to the wind, and the paint over began. The result – hmmmmmm – purple tulip for spring???????? Close!

Image ImageSo – the spring floral arrangement is complete (thanks Rubette Hairdressing), the cashola handed over, and now I need to look after this coiffed work of art.  Purple fades, and FAST apparently.  So I will go from purple princess to faded faux pas in a week, unless I have a knight on shining armour to save me.


I have had this same problem before – no knights clanking around this locale in their mummy’s silverware, so I have turned to Eugene, a French chemistry whizz.  He doesn’t have a horse, let alone mama’s crockery, in fact, he doesn’t clank around at all, as he was born in 1881, but he did found L’Oreal Paris.

L’Oreal may just have my shining armour… I just have to wear it myself. That’s cool – I am modern woman, faster than a speeding Jamie Oliver, more powerful than Julia Gillard at full moan, able to clear tall mounds of washing in a single day! Got a bit side tracked in feminism there…. Back to the topic! L’Oreal has a new range of shampoos and conditioners that I am going to give a go. They are meant to be super fade resistant, so I can keep up the purple pretense for longer! Woo hoo!  Called EverPure (like me), they don’t have the strippers (chemical, no sniggering) of other shampoos.

ImageI am going with the one that also smooths since I have wiry old woman’s hair.

ImageI should end up looking like a trendy 20-year-old……. from the forehead up.  I will let you know how it all goes and if my purple passion fades away to old lady rinse (I had not considered that may happen when I made these choices yesterday..hmmmmm).

Time to go immerse myself – or should I be saying preserve myself??????????

I, Toldyah

Let the writer be free!

Hmmmmmmm – seems I was feeling a little dramatic and woeful last night. Eat your heart out Van Gogh! Luckily I still have both ears and my nose – phew!

But it reminded me I loved writing my blog.  Sadly, I havent written here for a long time.  I had a master plan back then – witty writing to start a name, to start a biz.  Didnt work.  Bugger.  Ah well. Life moves on, ideas change.  Work and family take over – the life of a full time working mum!  Not complaining…. just moving my rear into gear.


I figure I will just write for the pleasure, when and how I feel, rather than to a timetable and ulterior motive.  Who knows what it will result in?  All I can guarantee is that it will be ME.

ImageIf I am the only one it amuses, so be it. But if someone loves my writing, feel free to hire me on a mega salary, I am available! I also do stand up comedy and group charades – just not very well……

ImageI am an Aussie, living in Sydney.  We have a national election in 2 weeks.  The campaigns we are exposed to at the moment are like being punished for breathing.  “I promise – no negativity….but here are all the bad things the OTHERS have done”……. grrrrrrrrr.  Shhhhh. Stop talking.  Dont tell my why not to votes for others – why should I vote for YOU?

ImageWe need a new way of electing our leaders, something that will sort out who can truly lead us…….. I want to throw a great white shark into Seaworld‘s largest tank, then pop in the pollies.  Those whom last longest gets to lead.    Or perhaps Political Masterchef…. slice and dice, roast and boast.  Serve it up every night until only one is left standing.  How about Big Governor General? Quentin locks the pollies in Parliament house with 24 hour camera coverage, and every week they have to nominate one another and perform ridiculous tasks like making laws and managing budgets.  At the end of each week we, the long suffering public, get to vote a pollie out until we have one left – the new Prime Minister!  Oh hang on – that’s a GREAT idea.  Quick, what is Channel 9‘s number, I am going to pitch that idea.

ImageSpeaking of ideas I am working on an App at the moment – aimed at scaring teenagers with a ghost theme…… sound  interesting????? Let me know, spur me on and I will keep you up to date with it.  Send me scary ideas (aimed at teenagers keep it decent) and if I use them I will include you in the credits.

ImageWell – that’s it for a first post back.  I will gather some material to get back on the funny boat for the next one, in the meantime – thanks for reading, feel free to rifle through my written mind!


Times Change

Life is funny isnt it. You start out at something. You have thoughts and expectations. You jump in, full of passion and hopes.  You do your best, try hard. Get back up when the knocks and bumps come along.  Then one day you step back and wonder why the hell you are continuing to persevere at something which is causing you so much grief.  The hopes and dreams have disappeared and now you realise were most likely never going to be actualised because your initial assumptions were wrong. So now you are at the point of decision.  Throw in the towel and get your life back, or keep trying to make it work. Scary little precipice on which I stand. Consequences for both sides are unpleasant, on one side for me, on the other, for those around me, but we all need happiness, even me. The mum who sacrifices all lives life as a shadow.   Which way do I lean……..

A blast from the past for your amusement….


Hey all – after a dead laptop needing replacement, and Youtube being challenging I finally have the final wrap up vlog for the Panasonic HM-TA20 up for all and sundry.

Youtube issues mean volume of voiceover a bit dodgy in places but hey, it there atleast!

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Choose your own ADVENTURE

Last year I was lucky enough to be chosen to complete a Bizness Babes Business Course, designed to help mums forge their own path in the business world.  The tools they gave me were invaluable.  Below is a brilliant blog from a member of their team, I hope it finds those that need inspiration!


Business … do, I really have what it takes?

Ever found yourself asking this question? For most people this is where it begins and also where it ends.  What sets an entrepreneur apart from the rest is not that they have ideas but they actually DO something about them.  That is it.  One tiny thing can take you from stay-at-home-mum to business entrepreneur, leading a ‘choose your own adventure’ life you only ever dreamed of.

My name is Samantha Jockel and for the last five years I have been a stay at home mum and business entrepreneur. It has been the most exciting, scary, fulfilling, frustrating and ultimately awesome time of my life.

I started contemplating the idea of business seven years ago when I was thinking about having children.  I knew I didn’t want to go back to work and leave my kids but I also knew I would need more stimulation than looking after a baby.  I have always been an ideas person with my fingers in many pies but just hadn’t made my own pies yet.

I decided I had to come up with an idea which could work with a baby in tow.  My background was social work and community development and my superpower was making things happen.  From a random thought in my head one day and a few encouraging conversations came my first business called Biddy Bags.

Biddy Bags merges the skills and abilities of crafting nanas with the design ideas of young fashionistas to create stylish, nana-made ethical products.  Refer to for more info.

From setting up and managing Biddy Bags I learnt that I LOVE business and have spent the past three years experimenting with lots of the different potential I see in the market.

I currently run a large facebook page, sell products and services at markets, co-founded two social enterprises and run a consultancy business.

What I have learnt about running a business is that it is not about having a great idea as much as it is about a willingness and love of learning.

As Richard Branson said: “Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming”.

I truly believe you can do whatever you want if you can be bothered the secret of business success is that it’s not necessarily about talent or a great idea but a desire to learn and grow and an ability to work hard.

What excites me the most is not what I have done but what I am yet to do.  As a stay at home mum you are in the perfect position to experiment with small business and see if you have the ability to learn, create and work hard in business. You too can choose YOUR own adventure, live YOUR dreams and be in control of YOUR own life.

Three years ago I was lucky to be offered a job working with a social enterprise called Bizness Babes.  Bizness Babes supports and empowers stay at home mums attempting to give business a go.  We run free training programs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and have had over 400 women come through our program since 2006.

Some graduate Bizness Babes businesses include Sunny Mummy, Peppermint Magazine, Home Life Simplified, Seven Cherubs, Gregarious Peach, Greensacks, Maternal Instincts, Kiss it Better Bags, Seven Canaries, and the Karma Soap Company

The great thing is that YOU could add your name to that list.   We are currently taking applications for our next round of courses.  In order to be eligible you need to meet a couple of criteria outlined in the application form.  Our Small Business Development Course is free to women who are unemployed, underemployed or marginalised in some way (see the FAQ on our website).

You can find out more about Bizness Babes and apply for our courses online at

Like our facebook page for regular updates, networking and inspiration.

And remember you are always in the position to CHOOSE your own adventure!!!!

Thanks to Bizness Babes, back to normal programming for next post!

I Toldyah

Wont you take me to Diva-town

My 3 year old had a reward last weekend.  After a few false starts, now she is a big girl (undies all the way), so she got to choose a treat to celebrate.  From her daddy she asked for a RC Heli – no surprise there.

I was all geared up for the “I want to ride a pony” request, only to be instead served up: “I would like to get my haircut and nails done with you mummy”.  OMG – when did Bethie Boo go from 3 to 13?  Wow, but also cool, so I made the appointments at my hairdresser and we counted down to the big day.

Of course, I expected to be in full control of the happenings, there to calm her if she got a bit scared, ready to soothe her if she became overwhelmed by the processes enveloping her.  Cape on, Supermummy to the rescue (I leave the tights at home these days, thermals are more my geriatric style)!  Except that isn’t what happened.  MS Bethie Boo channeled her inner diva and was in full command of the situation!  We’d been split apart as they were overbooked and short on space, so I tried to remain in earshot to help by barking out the orders as needed.  First up – I was getting my hair washed prior to cutting, as the DIVA (yes, it was an all capital performance, eat your heart out Mariah Carey) was being led to a chair.  Except that she refused to go.  Shaking her head she pointed to the basin.  “Wash please” she commanded regally.  The hairdresser looked at me and I laughed – “its her day, so whatever she wants”.

Next was to cut and fluff.  She was just having a trim so that went without a hitch.  Then I heard the hairdresser asking if she wanted a blow-dry or braid. I was about to yell out blow dry when a very confident young voice indicated braids please.   Wow again.  Next up – ribbons or clips.  “No clips” was determined before I even thought of an answer.  Then she was whisked to the nail booth and out of my sight.  She chose colours and finishes without hesitation, instructed for more glitter (you can never have enough glitter after all!).   She was LOVING the independence.  I felt a bit of the cord unravel with a twang across my heart.  My baby was growing up.  But it wasn’t bad, I felt an even stronger flush of pride and happiness in the way she was making choices in her own life, in the way she was reveling in the process of decision making without over-protective mummy getting in the way.  I made a mental note – let her have more of the little freedoms in every day things, if she chooses badly, it doesn’t matter, hair can grow back, clothes can be replaced, and she will learn to embrace trial and error as a way to solving problems.

It seems so simple here, but was quite a revelation to me.  All the decisions I make daily for her without a second thought I need to reconsider.  Some should be delegated to her, and others should be a joint decision.  I never thought I would be relinquishing control so early, but I am happy to do so – quite excited in fact to watch what decisions she will make and what their outcomes will be.  A little rose emerging from the bud…….  Hmmmm…. Or perhaps a monster truck roaring off the assembly line……..

Wild ride – here we come!

I, Toldyah