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Kick Start a Child’s Creative Dream….

It’s been a while – life got in the way of blogging. All for the good though! Ms 6 year old Bethie Boop began CREATING a few months ago and is now blooming into an avid inventor. I am doing my best to nurture her love of designing new stuff.

Which brings me to this blog…. Bethie Boop is an avid recycler and general Earth lover, so many of her little projects have focussed on this aspect. Last week she came up with something so very cool I thought we should share it with the world.  The idea is in its infancy, there is much to be discovered, but her idea is amazing.  Recyclable fashion shoes.

Photo original

Fashion comes and goes – very quickly in some cases (which is great when we consider jeans thongs…) but not so good for the environment. So many shoes discarded in the footwear graveyard. None of which breakdown, none of which are re-purposed. Foot-fashion fodder filling up our world with style moments we no longer think are so cool.

Beth wants to make the world a stylin’ place without cloggin up nature’s arteries, so came up with the Tatally Recyclable Shoe – and WHAT an idea. So here we are – playing with tape and paper and veneers. But we need help – a lot of help. So we started a KickStarter account and decided to GO FOR IT.

Do you want to be part of fashion feet with a conscience?, then come along for the ride. The KickStarter page is HERE: The-totally-recyclable-shoe page.

Why dont you come visit and join our journey.

I, Toldyah.