Cars Party Ideas

Hi there – I have noticed a few people visiting to look at the Cars Movie blog by searching Cars Party.  So I thought I would give more info on what party ideas I used!

1. Mater parts fishing.
I used an old tyre that I cleaned then put a thick rubbish bags inside of (to hold water). I bought a strong magnet with a hook end from the hardware store and attached a piece of strong string.  I bought a piece of dowel, stapled the string to it and decorated the dowel with black and white checkers – now its a fishing pole!  Add water to the tyre, thow in some metal (not stainless steel) parts (large nuts, bolts etc) or kitchen implements.  Let the kids commence fishing for parts!

2. Lightning Racecourse

Get a box slightly bigger than the kids.  Paint it red.  Download pics of Lightning and printout the pics large enough to fit the box and give him his wheels, number, bolts, badges and headlights. Paste on.  Add ribbons for kids to slip arms through.  Buy a pack of small coloured cones and make a racecourse for kids to drive Lightning around.


Download some free CARS lightning pages, get a pack of pencils and allow kids to colour away!

4. Treasure Hunt

Print a copy of the Radiator Springs Map for each child.  Buy sheets of CARS stickers.  Print pictures of the CARS team and place around party area for kids to find. Place a sheet of stickers with each . These are placed on the map.

5. For each of the above they complete they get a  special sticker to ut on the back page of map and when they have all of them they get a small prize.

Another idea – In Australia Greens have CARS cookies to make – we made some today – pretty cool.  You could make and decorate, or let the lil ones do the decorating!

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