Who Me?

Hmmmmmm – are you spying on me?

No???????  just interested in the slightly off-base person behind the text!

Well – hello then.   I am a mum, a wife, general cook and housemaid, and also a woman with  some great ideas (well, I beleive in them, just gotta get them out of my head and into the real world).  I work 5 days a week in the corporate world as a Technical Manager, but I dream of a life where my many (and often zany) biz ideas come to fruition.  So far there are 164 ideas on my business list – these are only the truly viable ones!  I have strong opinions – lots of them, so this site is about sharing them, finding out what others think, and using theoutcomes to further my life. Perhaps I can even enrich some reader’s lives too.  Most of all I want to find a way to be free to be the mum I want to be, give my kids the experiences they should have, and give me the happy, well-rounded family I aspire too (along with the occasional frozen daiquiri and beauty treatment).

The process started with Bizness Babes business school, and developed with the MEGA program, and now I am out on my own, finding the path to make all my dreams come true.

This blog is about my life, about the path from idea to fully fledged powerhouse sprinkled liverally with commentaries on the mundane everyday existence of a busy working mum (I cant help myself, if I have an opinion you will hear it LOL).

I hope you can be part of the journey, and if you end up loving Toldyah like I do, perhaps you will come work with me!

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