Hair today – purple gone tomorrow????????

They say a change is as good as a holiday – so I had a haircut and in my daughter’s words: paint over.

I am trying to regain lost youth by going hairstyle trendy!  Well, not too overboard, I am a middle-aged mother with a need for a certain amount of decorum (Janice Dickinson and Madonna – TAKE NOTE), so it was more about colour than cut.  Purple hair is the colour de jour apparently, so I threw natural tones to the wind, and the paint over began. The result – hmmmmmm – purple tulip for spring???????? Close!

Image ImageSo – the spring floral arrangement is complete (thanks Rubette Hairdressing), the cashola handed over, and now I need to look after this coiffed work of art.  Purple fades, and FAST apparently.  So I will go from purple princess to faded faux pas in a week, unless I have a knight on shining armour to save me.


I have had this same problem before – no knights clanking around this locale in their mummy’s silverware, so I have turned to Eugene, a French chemistry whizz.  He doesn’t have a horse, let alone mama’s crockery, in fact, he doesn’t clank around at all, as he was born in 1881, but he did found L’Oreal Paris.

L’Oreal may just have my shining armour… I just have to wear it myself. That’s cool – I am modern woman, faster than a speeding Jamie Oliver, more powerful than Julia Gillard at full moan, able to clear tall mounds of washing in a single day! Got a bit side tracked in feminism there…. Back to the topic! L’Oreal has a new range of shampoos and conditioners that I am going to give a go. They are meant to be super fade resistant, so I can keep up the purple pretense for longer! Woo hoo!  Called EverPure (like me), they don’t have the strippers (chemical, no sniggering) of other shampoos.

ImageI am going with the one that also smooths since I have wiry old woman’s hair.

ImageI should end up looking like a trendy 20-year-old……. from the forehead up.  I will let you know how it all goes and if my purple passion fades away to old lady rinse (I had not considered that may happen when I made these choices yesterday..hmmmmm).

Time to go immerse myself – or should I be saying preserve myself??????????

I, Toldyah


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One response to “Hair today – purple gone tomorrow????????”

  1. Wendy Hunter says :

    Like the hair.

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