Let the writer be free!

Hmmmmmmm – seems I was feeling a little dramatic and woeful last night. Eat your heart out Van Gogh! Luckily I still have both ears and my nose – phew!

But it reminded me I loved writing my blog.  Sadly, I havent written here for a long time.  I had a master plan back then – witty writing to start a name, to start a biz.  Didnt work.  Bugger.  Ah well. Life moves on, ideas change.  Work and family take over – the life of a full time working mum!  Not complaining…. just moving my rear into gear.


I figure I will just write for the pleasure, when and how I feel, rather than to a timetable and ulterior motive.  Who knows what it will result in?  All I can guarantee is that it will be ME.

ImageIf I am the only one it amuses, so be it. But if someone loves my writing, feel free to hire me on a mega salary, I am available! I also do stand up comedy and group charades – just not very well……

ImageI am an Aussie, living in Sydney.  We have a national election in 2 weeks.  The campaigns we are exposed to at the moment are like being punished for breathing.  “I promise – no negativity….but here are all the bad things the OTHERS have done”……. grrrrrrrrr.  Shhhhh. Stop talking.  Dont tell my why not to votes for others – why should I vote for YOU?

ImageWe need a new way of electing our leaders, something that will sort out who can truly lead us…….. I want to throw a great white shark into Seaworld‘s largest tank, then pop in the pollies.  Those whom last longest gets to lead.    Or perhaps Political Masterchef…. slice and dice, roast and boast.  Serve it up every night until only one is left standing.  How about Big Governor General? Quentin locks the pollies in Parliament house with 24 hour camera coverage, and every week they have to nominate one another and perform ridiculous tasks like making laws and managing budgets.  At the end of each week we, the long suffering public, get to vote a pollie out until we have one left – the new Prime Minister!  Oh hang on – that’s a GREAT idea.  Quick, what is Channel 9‘s number, I am going to pitch that idea.

ImageSpeaking of ideas I am working on an App at the moment – aimed at scaring teenagers with a ghost theme…… sound  interesting????? Let me know, spur me on and I will keep you up to date with it.  Send me scary ideas (aimed at teenagers keep it decent) and if I use them I will include you in the credits.

ImageWell – that’s it for a first post back.  I will gather some material to get back on the funny boat for the next one, in the meantime – thanks for reading, feel free to rifle through my written mind!



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