ZING, ZING, why dont you give me a call

I am very hyper today LOL.  Made an exciting discovery thanks to a heads up from a friend (Thank you).

Have you ever met someone with ZING?  You know, a truly inspiring, energetic person.  Not the sob story kind (no offense, all stories have merit), but I mean those incredibly positive people who just exude magnetism based on attitude.  Who have profound things to say, and say it in a way that makes your senses tingle?  Dont you just leap when you meet such people? I think some of the ZING comes from shared passions and goals, so different people have different ZING, and attract different ZINGEES.

Most of the time you don’t even need to meet ZINGERS in person, their passion explodes from their chosen form of communication.  140 characters was enough for me – I was ZINGED by tweet.  Of course, I am prone to ZINGING, Sir Richard Branson ZINGS me regularly (I am sure his wife won’t mind), and there is a man who stands on a street corner on my path to work that ZINGS me every morning.  He is truly amaZING (that wordplay was no a coincidence BTW – I am a wordsmith extraordinaire lol). Back to my corner man….

Below is a photo (a bad one – taken in haste as I was stopped at a crossing) of the ZINGER in question. This gentleman has this crossroad for the last 6 months (well, that was when I noticed him anyway – in the blur of my life perhaps he was there for a lot longer). He is there with his little dog as I pass through at 7.30am, and is still there around lunch time, although sans puppy by that time.  He waves and smiles the whole while, carrying his message on his shoulders.  I always smile and wave back – this morning I even a blew a kiss, and he laughed.  Seeing him has a positive effect on me – reminds me that there are good people in this world.  Many people just drive by, but still this wonderful man waves and smiles, and sends his thoughts out into the world.   Wow, that is amazing to me.  THAT is true dedication.   He is not asking for anything for himself, he is not using the latest fad to rake in a profit.  He is simply asking us to be aware. Pretty cool dude!  All those busy people ignoring you, or writing you off as a nutter, and you still stand there in the hope you will jog a mind or two in a different direction.  I wish I was as singular in finding my path! 

Perhaps I should strap a sign on and go stand on a street corner waving my hands in an attempt  to crystallise my needs.  Perhaps the zen aspect of standing for hours and being ignored will provide the clarity I need.  If I am lucky, exhaust smoke inhalation could put me into a deep meditative state and allow a Eureka moment.  Or perhaps the sore feet will tell me to get my rear in gear and just start one of these great ideas I keep having!   Time to stop being afraid and JUST DO IT.   Perhaps my board should read “Honk if you think I should do it” hehe.  Then I could use all those horn blowers as cheerleaders (rather than thinking of them as bored, dirty-minded commuters stuck on horrendous Sydney traffic).

Hmmm – got a bit off track there didn’t I.  Back to ZINGINESS.  My corner man ZINGS me because he fascinates me, and he is aspirational for me.  I wish to be following my passions, but am struggling to identify what to focus on.  And it’s a funny thing you know – often when struggling the most, when clarity eludes, something happens to shift things back into focus – to my mind – it is a moment of pure ZING.   Today was exactly that.  I had been playing around with this blog for a week, not happy with the message, not sure where it needed to go, but wanting to talk about my corner man.  Then today – thanks to afore-mentioned friend: ZING ZING ZING.  She referred me to a person whose ideas where very similar to my own, but much further clarified, much more succinct, and so many light years ahead in conceptualisation.  It was like being tasered (in a good way – if that is possible), reading one tweet and the ZING just kept jolting me.  Oh wow, wow, wow.  I imagine this is what a religious experience feels like to a believer.

I can feel clarity moving through my thoughts and opinions – not to blindly follow his, but removing the scales if you like, casting away the block I was suffering with.  (Listen to me sounding all biblical haha). Passion meets talent…..find that point and you have the most successful you that you can be.  Simple isn’t it!  But life gets so clouded with junk, can be hard to find that node.   This man though, he voices thoughts and opinions that are a crystallisation of my own, in an area I was overlooking in my attempts to become mega rich through a .com-like scheme.  Thank you ZINGMASTER, Sir Ken Robinson! I cant wait to read your books and move this life forward.  I am starting with The Element, but Out of Our Minds looks very tasty too!

If you are wondering what the shared passion is – then reading my previous blog may help: It’s just another brick in the wall.  Basically, I don’t think education has moved forward like our lives or technology, I don’t believe we are letting our children meet their full potentials, we hamper them from developing problem solving skills and using creativity to find new solutions.

Phew – all this ZINGING is really exciting.  My urge to communicate on this topic is pretty clear ( thanks readers for being the sounding board), now its time to slake my thirst for more information!  I will be back, and perhaps I may be lucky enough to ZING you too!

I, Toldyah

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