It’s the Bunny Countdown (do-do doo)

YES YES, it’s almost bunny-meister visit time!

The crowds have been fought,

the eggs have been bought.

The buns have been eaten,

‘We’re waitin’ for a bunny greetin’

(alrighty, not a great rhyme….but that’s what you get on Easter Saturday!)

I am sitting here hearing The Final Countdown music playing in my head – do, do-do, doooooo, do-do-do-do-do…….. It’s the Bunny Countdown………

The day will start with an egg hunt – that sneaky bunny, hiding our eggs!

Then we are going out for some fun, more chocky, then family bbq. Strewn generously with easter chocky of course.  Lindt bunnies and balls are my fave…..husband is under very strict instruction on his easter offering for me!

And then, after the chocky has been found and scoffed, and the family have left, we’ll collapse in a heap for 24 hours.

So what’s your easter like?  How big will your chocky overdose be?

Now where was that crushed bunny I can’t give away, I’ll have to eat it to make room in the fridge…….. and find something to make paw prints with.

I, Toldyah

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