What’s in YOUR Coconut?

Bought a coconut for my daughter today, a bit of fun and teaching her to look forward to new things and experimentation.  Whilst preparing to open it hubby asked Ms 3 what was in it.  The answer was A TOY.  One giant, hairy Kinder Surprise in her eyes. What a cool answer!

I have talked at length in a previous post about how much I love kids’ imaginations and think we adults need to go back to childhood and free up our minds to see different possibilities. If you haven’t read it (shock….what…, you havent lovingly gone through every post and committed it to memory????) then look HERE.

So I thought today I would make it a light post, no heavy political statements to go astray between my fingers and your eyes, no sermons from the mount. I thought instead I would take a look at what people might be wishing was in their coconut at this point in time……….

Bethie Boo’s is simple – a toy…….

Hubby, hmmmmmm, filter and lens for his new video camera

Me……..cash to start a biz

Julia Gillard……….. a big memory eraser pill to pop in the Australian drinking water sources

Kevin Rudd….more bribe money, or perhaps a swear jar.

The people of Australia………. a resurrection pill to pop in the drinking water for Guy Fawkes.

RBA………. don’t have coconuts, too busy drinking expensive wine whilst playing with our lives.

CEO’s of all 4 big banks……..have big hairy ones filled with over-confidence and over paid salaries.  Alan Joyce and a number of other CEO’s are also in this category.

Kim Kardashian….. a new fiance

Chris Humphries …… hind sight

Miranda Kerr……Coconut Water

Demi Moore ……is Justin Bieber available????

Charlie Sheen…..isnt a coconut big enough for what he needs.

Cardinal Dolan……copy of the bill of rights pointing out his right to SHUT UP.

Oops – started getting a bit serious there………

So what’s in your coconut right now?

I, Toldyah






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One response to “What’s in YOUR Coconut?”

  1. joanna says :

    Funny you mention coconuts last week hubby asks master 4 what he would like to eat hmm says master 4 ,hubby if you could have anything ..COCONUT answers master 4 yes COCONUT!

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