For all the dogs I’ve loved before

Ok, strange title – what am I talking about…..  This should be an update about living life, setting my daughter free to learn from failure (and me too in the process), about a weekend of decadence and fun.  Well – in a round about way it is!

We had a wonderful weekend, a superb meal at 360 bar and dining with the best ever waiter (thanks Dan).  The creme brulee was to die for!  I wish they did home delivery – hmmmmm, actually no I don’t, it would be very bad! hehe.

The views – were of course spectacular, and the memories for our engagement at the same place 8 years ago, a wonderful reminder of why we got married.

The Sofitel was superb, brilliant service, great brekky, and a bottle of champers on arrival – yummmmmmmmmm.

We saw SafeHouse at Gold Class cinemas – not so great.  The movie was not up to Denzel’s usual standards – too much fighting and shooting, not much cerebral action though.  Should have been an Arnie movie!  But it was ok.

And as for Ms Bethie Boo and her sleep over – she did not bat an eyelid at her abandonment – I think hubby feels a little redundant!

Now – for the title of this post, and the most uplifting moment of the weekend.  Walking home from the cinema through the middle of the city we saw many things.  Mostly drunk teenagers, occasional vomit splatters, lots of short skirts (hubby no longer sees these as so enticing lol – now he imagines Bethie Boo wearing one whilst dirty old men leer after her….its a biatch to get old and be a parent!).  Anyway, back to the story.  There we are walking along.  And to the side we pass a homeless man. Late 40’s. Lying on his side on a thin sleeping bag, his few possessions at his feet.  His back is to the wall of the bank building behind him – a nice, big, rich bank (the irony).  But there is a gap between his back and the wall.  Behind him, wrapped warmly in a new doggy coat, with the blanket that wont cover him and his master, is a medium-sized dog. This man has very little, but he loves his dog so much he sacrificed things to keep him warm.  And the dog, his paws are wrapped around his master’s neck, a hug beyond words.

I wanted so badly to take a photo, but it was not the right thing to do.  It would have invaded the tiny piece of private space this poor man had.  The image is locked in my brain however.  It is so uplifting.  It is the most pure version of love you can imagine.  There is no blood bond, no reason to be together, other than choice.  How many people can honestly say they have experienced such a love that would transcend all adversity?

Reminds me of the dog that was dumped out in the bush last year by a low form of humanoid life.  The dog sat there, refusing food and help, awaiting a master that never returned.  People aren’t animals – we don’t deserve that accolade. Many of us arent worthy of the love and loyalty bestowed upon us. We casually accept it and then throw it away when it no longer suits us.

Dont do that – with animals or people.  Appreciate the love around you, accept it happily and give it back generously.

Well, here endeth the sermon – back to normal light-hearted posts tomorrow

I, Toldyah


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3 responses to “For all the dogs I’ve loved before”

  1. Tony Lane says :

    I have avoided give my youngest child away despite him ruining my sleep for the last four years. THis is true love.

  2. joanna says :

    love your story and so true, as I sit next to winnie and give her an extra hug xxxoo

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