Oops, I tripped and fell into….. What the?

Excuses, we all use them.  Sometimes we think of good ones.  Sometimes they are even true.  But oh so many times the excuses we make are desperate utterings blurted out to try to negate blame we richly deserve.

The current, unbelievable example – oopssssssss, sorry, I tripped and fell off the sinking ship into a lifeboat before my passengers.   Good on ya Francesco Schettino.  I can clearly see him throwing women and children out of his way as he tripped on over to the lifeboat.  A hero you are not sir.

Then of course there is the tripping and slipping which ended up with a presidential appendage landing in an unexpected part of a certain young female intern.  Ahhhhhhhh – but he never had sexual relations…………..

Slipping and tripping in unusual places seems to happen a lot………

The lady who had to have a can of hairspray surgically removed from her rear……. no no, really, she slipped whilst blow drying………

The US employee who wanted a day off work – I tripped over my dog and was knocked unconscious;…..

The drunk idiot in an English bar:  I tripped and my fist accidentally hit his face……

Hmmmmm – I wonder if the tripping excuse could work on my bank……sorry I didn’t pay my mortgage, I tripped at a sale at Myers and lost all my money.

Just a quick one today, hopefully Schettino is re-working that excuse into something more suitable, whilst I am going to go trip and lose some more money………

I, Toldyah


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