The World is ending? Nahhhhhhhhh, it’s just Kim Kardashian on the publicity trail….

OMG – Kim Kardashian is getting divorced, the world is ending……… oh wait – nope, the only surprise there was that the marriage had been real in the first place.

But man, is that girl just the ultimate in publicity spirals!  You don’t have to like her (and I seriously do NOT) to appreciate the business aspects of what she is doing.  Set aside any sense of morality and ethics, and you are left with an amazing PR juggernaut.

BUT WHY?  What makes this girl hot property – she hasn’t done anything wonderful, has not cured any illness, not a figure-head for charity, has no obvious talents apart from talking up her own worth and shopping…….  But that is the key, in this age of consumerism it’s all about swagger isn’t it.   About talking up your self-worth, people will listen and believe, especially if you are a pretty young thang.

She was clever enough to see the opportunity and grasp it.  To make her life a talking point, to become (scarily) an aspirational icon for so many young girls.  She gets an engagement ring with a diamond large enough to get Greece out of debt, and millions clamour for the same ostentatious design.  Cudos to Kim – she’s living the good life and the endorsements keep rolling in!

It’s all about the “look at me, look at me”…….the brag factor……  gees I wish I could afford to have her talk about Toldyah LOL,  or any other celeb for that matter.  Would love to get a comment from Ruby Rose (love her) who is to my mind an ethical, and aspirational member of Gen Y!  Anyway, enough dreaming of exxy Toldyah publicity stunts, I need to be thinking handy cam and a secondhand tent rather than celeb status!

Back to my story – publicity these days is about affirmation of self-worth – so I need to find a way to use that……… make my daughter the next KK….. hmmmmmmm – can a 3-year-old pull that off?  She’d have to fight Suri Cruise for the title – probably an easy win against a princess who is sadly locked in her ivory tower 24/7, but still!

Or I could surreptitiously send out a sex tape and be famous……oh wait – you have to be famous first, then do the sex tape – damn.  Can I catch the post in time……

Perhaps a viral video on YouTube – a beached Whale cartoon, Aliens in the permafrost, singing in my bedroom…….. drat – they’ve all been done.

Ohhhhhhhhh – I’ve got it – have Arnie Schwarzenegger’s love child.  Brilliant move!  No?  Someone did THAT already, are you kidding me?   Hmmmmmm – this is harder than I thought.   I’ll have to think a bit more about this marketing strategy.  I’ll get back to yah!

I, Toldyah.

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