Pivot 2 ur right, pivot 2 ur left

So if you are a regular you will have noticed something today.  We had a make-over!  Yep, we did a spring clean.  We stripped off the old shell and started again, like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon.

Emerging from change

Here we are – shaking our wings, and testing the currents, taking a breath and getting ready to jump off the twig of safety and attempt again to get a good thing going!  In business land it is called pivoting, moving your biz from one focus to another in an attempt to find a more successful pathway.  Luckily I specialise in change management in my day job as a Quality Assurance Manager so it was fun to do.

It’s a sad goodbye to the old Toldyah, the concept just didn’t find any traction, and without that I couldn’t bootstrap it well enough financially to continue.   I will watch with interest to see which US group picks up and runs with a similar idea in the future, because it will be big.

So what now?  Well, my passion is all about customer satisfaction, and about consumers talking to consumers – that has not changed!  So Toldyah is still about product reviews – and yes, it will focus on videos, they just provide so much more info than writing.  There will be an App when I get the money together sometime next year.  The biggest change – it’s about service and reviews based on everyday household items and activities.  Cosmetics that worked, cleaners that cleaned, restaurants that served food fit for a king.  And of course – the experiences that weren’t quite so successful. 

Toldyah’s metamorphosis is about becoming a 2 (or more) way conversation  between consumers to help make better decisions. 


Review based on application in true conditions, with real life uses, not those defined as “normal” by manufacturers or paid review companies.   We can help each other to choose purchases wisely, and save our money.  People will also be able to request particular reviews if they can’t find what they need and we will find someone in the community who can fulfil the need!

In addition to the above, we will provide suggestions on common everyday problems that have worked for us and help people understand technical instructions or needs through field experts (currently we have medical, pharmaceutical, mechanical and electronic experts on hand, with more joining as our name gets out there) – so ask away whether it is about the right service, part or solution!

In light of the change, so to has our motto – it is now:

Ask, tell, communicate.

Vid reviews will start ASAP – so please send through requests and start your own reviews!  You can upload to YouTube and send me the links, or put links on our Facebook page for uploading on this page.

Cant wait to start asking, telling, and communicating with you!

I, Toldyah.

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About Tania - Food Defender

A quality food professional and consumer with a passion for social media and a belief that we should get what we pay for! The only way to ensure that - consumer reviews! Al about products, services, the good, bad and ugly. Lets help each other. Ask, Tell, Communicate!

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