View from the edge

So Toldyah is about reviews – but sometimes we can all just get a bit serious!  SO its great to find those little gems that lighten up life and make you laugh like a loon.

Doing a bit of a search around I found the following sites where bored amateur comedians have voiced their opinions in slightly less reverent ways…. so grab a vino, kick back and enjoy!  (If clicking the links scroll to bottom of page).

Amazon Bic Pen – a site which is infamous for the reviews of the world’s most common pen!  Best bits:

Worked fine with my right hand, but when I came to use my left hand my writing came out looking like the work of a complete imbecile. I can only assume Bic have created a right-handed only pen, and would caution left-handers to “try before you buy”.

Having been ready to trade up my trusty HB pencil for a while, my friend suggested this Bic Crystal Pen. After reading the highly recommended reviews here I decided to take the plunge. I excitedly opened the box expecting a Swarovski crystal body, it wasn’t so sparkly but I could live with that. This top of the range pen really does leave a leave a vivid black mark which I haven’t seen with my pencil. My only criticism is that I couldn’t find the undo button, maybe somebody could help me?

I bought this in all good faith as someone told me that this pen would be mightier than a sword, well after spending half an hour toying with it I have realised that they obviously have never encountered automatic weapons.

And try this one – Amazon US sells Uranium – woo hoo!

Picked this up for use in one of my kid’s ‘diversity’ projects in school (Great Success!), and stuck the leftovers in the cabinet next to the baking soda.

Ran out of toothpaste, and remembered how you’re supposed to be able to use baking soda to clean your teeth, so of course, I accidentally used this instead, and Wow! all I can say is, my teeth have never been cleaner! They sparkle, they tingle, and for some reason, they STAY clean now, no matter what. Highly recommended!

I purchased this product 4.47 Billion Years ago and when I opened it today, it was half empty. (a scientists joke – half life….)

I had felt my plans for world domination had stalled. Ordered a few tubs of this to help breed my giant ants. The results were encouraging.

Seen any other great reviews – let us know.

Time to make the world a better place – write some reviews!

I, Toldyah



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