Flush your Xbox 360 down the pan!

The rings of doom visited us this week.  There was screaming, there was wall pounding, and there were tantrums on the floor.  Finally, hubby got up and composed himself – the Xbox 360 was dead.  Time to say last rites and flush it down the pan.

Now – when Xbox 360 came out they were made with non-lead solder which needs higher heat to set properly – unfortunately for all their techy-know-how, it seems Microsoft didn’t know that!  So MS sent out their electronic entertainment minions with lots of faults.  Ex-microsoft employees talk quietly of 60% failure rates although officially MS has never come clean.   Whatever – a manufacturing or design fault it just that – and so they needed to take responsibility for the issue.  They did try to do so at the time, sort of.  All  units that came up with the 3 red bars on the start ring were returned and repaired – usually with a 1 month wait for the consumer, so lets hope you weren’t intent on using it for a while.  They extended the warranty for this red ring of death issue to 3 years…….. which is a bit weird – why do that?  Why 3 years and not 5, or 10?  If its a design fault it should be for life of product.

Which was the discussion I had today with Xbox about our 4 year old 360 unit.  To no avail………  they are going to charge me$120 just to look at it.  WHAT THE….. no kidding guys – I can get a new one for not much more!  And anyway, why would I buy a product from a company that doesn’t honour ethical quality standards and practices?   

I am just annoyed we bought a Kinnect and 5 Kinnect games not that long ago.  They’ll be going on ebay to try to get something back from that $500 splurge.  Regretting it now!

And as for an entertainment unit – well, once we have some money I think we’ll give a PS3 a go – atleast we’ll have blu-ray included!

So, rant concluded, my message -is 2 fold. 

1. Dont accept mediocre quality – life is not meant to be disposable no matter how much manufacturers build redundancy into their products (unless we stamp our feet this will continue) and

2. think twice, then a third time before buying an Xbox 360 – unless of course you enjoy parting with your money endlessly.  (I can send you my bank account details if this is the case).

I, Toldyah


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