She’s swimming with the Fishes

Had a family day out today and since the little one is rather shark, penguin, turtle and whale mad, we thought Sydney Aquarium would be a good choice.

Every 5 seconds on the 30 minute journey, the question wafted from the backseat “going to see sharkies? ”   Excitement could be a gross understatement to describe her anticipation!  And then, after parking, we had to run all the way around Darling Harbour, just so we wouldn’t miss the sharkies.

We got inside, and wow – how cool, so many things to look at – mangrove and river sets, antarctica, dugong pools, reef habitats and of course – fanfare……shark pool!

The little one was in delight from her first glance at a watery enclosure, and walking underwater – WELL – THAT was beyond her amazement.  Seeing sharks millimetres away, had her in raptures (and was pretty cool for us older kids too).I got to play a bit more with the new tz20 camera – great pics and video considering how low the light was – included one here to check out. 


We then went for lunch at Nicks Seafood – very nice, great service and good prices (which can be very scary at Darling Harbour).

Our final stop – Lindt Cafe – I had been dreaming of this for ages.  The products were gorgeous – the customer service was not!   The assistants were sour, unhelpful and looked like they should have been at a funeral – how disappointing.  Wont be going back there – took the shine right off the macaroons and chockies!


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