Shagadelic – What’s in a Name?????

Every thought about what goes into making a business name up? Probably not, although the whole iSnack 2.0 debacle does come to mind……. Choosing names is a critical success factor for any biz and can take months to decide. These days it is made even more complicated as you have to find domain names to match.  It seems every US word under the sun has been registered, leading to some very odd choices for emerging start ups! Wakoopa, Frengo, Squidoo or Meebo- just to name a few!

Of course some choices are just bad, especially when combined to make a domain:

Others start out bad but become accepted and their weirdness or boringness forgotten – iPad (ummm, yeah, women around the world shuddered at the thought of unmentionable ladies products) and Facebook (yawnnnnnnnn).

Then there are the brilliant naming strategies, like Shagbook.  It’s a matchmaking site of course.  LOVE IT – the name, no idea about the site LOL.   Facebook doesn’t love it though.  Like Teachbook before it, they are picking up their massive hammer to pummel the startup into nanodes. Why? ‘cos the name may bring disrepute to Facebook!!!!!!!  Oh come on – stop being so utterly and completely BORING Facebook – loosen up mate.  Take a chill pill and grow a sense of humour (for note – Apple – YOU too can take this advice – leave off all the courtroom drama and get back to making life interesting – you will actually make MORE money THAT way). 

In fact, the big biz trend setters are becoming remarkably snoozeworthy these days aren’t they.  Being a Goliath seems to make you too conservative, you lose touch with the edge. Must be all the bean counters that infect such organisations in their grey suits and balding heads.  All hail the mighty dollar, we must gather you to us, we must not spend, but we must snatch you from competitors and customers by the truckloads.  The problem with these guys is that the only place they get creative is in the books.  They can’t see the need to innovate to remain a market leader, especially in this technological age.  3M learned this error a few years ago when appointing a CPA to the top job – cut spend on innovation, in a company that is all about innovation, and then watched the biz nosedive in a free fall for 2 years.  They are still recovering!

Note to Facebook, you are becoming truly awful. Forgot to remain relevant and novel whilst figuring out how to extort ridiculous money from businesses for advertising campaigns that don’t work.  Google plus is a much better option, interesting and a bit different.  Just needs to get to the tipping point and FB is going to slide into the abyss – whilst all those balding grey suits try to jump ship and go destroy the next rolling stone.

And Apple – ah Apple – so successful, but so controlling.  Buying an Apple device is like having dad in control of your life forever. They assume you will be naughty so constrain everyone within an inch of their lives to prevent the tiny minority of innovators that find ways to do “stuff”.  The latest – cameras will be disabled at functions like concerts so people can’t upload the event live to the net.  WOW – if I want to record a memorable moment of my mates and I screaming at Bon Jovi I can’t.  Talk about draconian steps to crush a small problem – instead you could have just prevented uploads by blocking signals, and if artists are concerned about uploads down the track (they shouldnt – its advertising) then they can utilise lighting strategies to prevent video viewer comfort – derrrrrrrrrr!  No soup for you……  and no Apple for me!

It’s the little people who are truly innovating and pushing the envelope – because they need to, to compete and be noticed, but also because they have the freedom to do so.  Biz like Toldyah are looking at the future. 

And now for the advert  – I am looking still for a Tech Cofounder (no money needed, just your brilliant and somewhat irreverant innovative mind) to partner with me at ToldyahCPA’s need not apply!

I, Toldyah.


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