Customer Service Schmervice

Ever had an experience where you paid for something and the customer service attitude just sucked?  Everyone just said yes didn’t they, LOL.

What is it these days – people don’t think that they are responsible for good service? Slap the product down after payment and that’s it? Take no responsibility for the product quality or experience.  Off you go, be grateful we let you pay us……..

Many of you know I used to be a Quality and Ethics manager, so I take great interest in these things.  So when American Express (yep the CC ppl) found in a survey (click here)  that customer service is abysmal these days, I was interested to read more.  Then,  wham bam…….

Such an experience whacked me in the choppers.  A site I utilise feels to me a bit like it has an air of the draconian overlord going on – mods delete posts without discussion or warning, but not everyone is treated the same , rules open to interpretation…….all a bit unprofessional.  And when I pointed this out, the response was…….typical *sigh*

When will people realise that bad service and quality isn’t sustainable?  That bad experiences get retold to 15-17 friends, whom tell an  average of 9 other friends each.  Adds up quickly doesn’t it.

But you know what, if WE, the customer, accept mediocrity, it will continue. We need to tell them that the behaviours arent acceptable (hmmm – am feeling a bit of Nannying coming on). And if telling doesnt change anything, then we need to take these guys by the neck, give them a good shake, and perhaps sit them in the naughty corner for a while. 

There is a great site I love – The Customer UndergroundGives fantastic opportunities to tell it like it is,  just like Toldyah!  Go check them out, tell it like it is, and start demanding better service!

I, Toldyah

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A quality food professional and consumer with a passion for social media and a belief that we should get what we pay for! The only way to ensure that - consumer reviews! Al about products, services, the good, bad and ugly. Lets help each other. Ask, Tell, Communicate!

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  1. Sharika Coghlan says :

    Really appreciate you sharing this article.Really thank you! Really Great.

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