How to be Pitch Perfect – la la la!

Gees, I wish I knew the answer to that question.  You see dear readers, I have to do a rehearsal pitch tonight for Toldyah – and to use an Aussie term – I am sh*tting bricks.  It doesn’t help that I have spent the last week pfaffing around, feeling completely unmotivated by another roadblock I can’t find the answer to, plus another visit from the delightful ol’ gastro fiend, who embraced every member of the household one after the other leaving me doing a permanent nurse’s soft shoe shuffle from bed to bed.

I wonder if I am getting too hung up on how to get the right answer?  Is the scientist in me being too strict.  Do I need to be a little more Kevin Costnerbuild it and they will come……..”  Do Donald Trump, Amancio Ortega, and Richard Branson go so far as I have for each new venture?

How do you predict how many people will flock to the brilliant Toldyah site and use the mobile app?  How do I make it go viral quickly?  And then how do I keep the growth going at a phenomenal rate.  The last question is answered with: through great user experience of course – but what will keep Gen Y attention long-term? And just what numbers will support retailer buy in?

So many questions, whose brains can I pick to get the best answers…….  and how to I pitch as though I know all of this tonight when clearly I don’t…..

So, I’ve hit a point of challenge.  I need to push through and make it work, or all this effort will have been for nothing!   Anyone got marketing or sales experience out there – happy to take on a partner for a share of the action!  REALLY!  You don’t need to quit your day job, and I will make you a millionaire in 5 years time.

In the mean time I need to get some motivation going again – work on something in the plan that will re-spark the passion!  I have a cunning plan involving some spoof video outtakes……. so anyone in Sydney feeling like being a movie star for an hour?  Can you do a British accent? Or an American one?  Hehe – it’ll be fun.

Remember to join up my Facebook Page – Make Me Famous, we’ll be running a comp there very soon.

And please – send SOS motivational messages – I need some cheerleaders pleeeeease!

I, Toldyah




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