Countdown to Disney/Pixar CARS 2

I have a toddler.  And a husband.  Which means I spend a lot of time running around after 2 children LOL.  Toddler learns from hubby, hubby from toddler.

Both are beside themselves at the moment ‘cos the new Disney/Pixar Cars sequel is now single digit days away.  Cars – my toddler adores it so much her 2nd birthday party had a cars theme.  Jumpy castle, lightning McQueen races, cups and plates, Mater parts fishing…….  The wait for number 2 has been long and impatient! (See bottom for update on how it went)

CARS Birthday party

Wondering why the fuss – here is the trailer – looks brilliant!

The lil one has never been in a movie theatre before – I have no idea how she will react.  Will she sit quietly?  Be fascinated by the people and not watch the screen, or get bored half way through?  I think she will sit stock still through out and love it (with her dad right beside her).  She just loves Lightning and Mater so very much.  Of course, there will be the special souvenirs to keep her amused if needed, that’s an obligatory part of seeing your first ever movie.  Hopefully we’ll be allowed to take some pics of the experience.

The toddler knows it is coming, although she isn’t yet able to count the days down, so every morning its – CARS today mummy?  Soon hun, soon, and then whack on the CARS DVD to help ease the wait.

How exciting it will be to see her reactions to this new experience – just quietly, I am so excited myself.  That Lightning is a bit of a stud muffin you know!

I, Toldyah.

UPDATE 26/6/11 (Happy Birthday Opa).  We went, we watched, we amazed at Mater’s heroics.  She sat through the whole thing and loved it – and the popcorn too.  Do yourself a favour and go watch CARS 2 withyour kids.  Be aware – it is a long movie (2 hours 15 minutes with adverts and short feature from TOY STORY).


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3 responses to “Countdown to Disney/Pixar CARS 2”

  1. joanna says :

    can I send my 2 over Im sitting here with grandpix on and rawry in the other room .Also with cars scatered everywhere .

  2. joanna says :

    I sure can relate to a toddler and a hubby It full time 🙂

  3. toldyah says :

    Hehe – Jo, we also have F1 on, and the 2 of them just went out shopping – came back with a Top Gear Scalectrics set………… lucky I like car stuff!

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