Got Throne Envy? Teflon Loo – the **** Dont Stick!

We have a new bathroom, so I thought today I would do something a little different and fill a global gap that is, quite frankly, absolutely shocking.  Informative AND entertaining toilet suite reviews. Water Usage ratings, height, coupling type, water board approvals – it’s all important but man – how snooze-worthy!  The world deserves a decent loo commentary! So….drum roll…. here it is.  Be prepared people, it’s time for splash down, let’s hope it leaves me flushed with success.

Loo Review!

White curves, gleaming in the sunlight, the styling on the Fowler Regent is unbelievably luxurious. Aerodynamic, with a smooth as silk finish that lets you slide gently down the side to the floor once you’ve finished the comforting act of driving the porcelain bus after a big night out. Bliss!

Regent heaven


And the interior.  Well, what can we say.  Fowler redesigned it in this Mark II version, with an eye on the Caroma Opal, which has inclusions most dunny manufactures drool over.  The Regent comes fully loaded – no poverty pack or long options list in sight! Ergonomically designed dual flush make launch control a breeze, with rapidfire evacuation response to take your breath away, if the previous action hadn’t already left you holding it!  And speaking of loading it up, Fowler has gone high-tech on the Regent, soft close lid on a seat that must have been designed by NASA, as it’s seriously out of this world. I would never have thought plastic could feel like pillows from heaven.  When planning your visit to the Regent, take not just a newspaper but Jeremy Clarkson’s latest tome, ‘cos once ensconced you are not going to want to leave. Caroma take note, that hard, flat wooden splinter-fest you call a seat is no longer an option – up your game!

The powerplant of this little beauty is a massively overspec-ed but brilliant 4 star flush system (WELS).  I recommend getting an after-sale mod to remove the flow restricter (don’t tell Sydney Water) as this ups the powerplant 150%.  Fire her up and watch the action – whoosh and she’s away in milliseconds.

The last feature critical to the functioning of our long drop is of course the sticking factor.  You know what I mean, aim is difficult when sitting down, but dragging out the old manky brush for a bit of a scrub isn’t a treat many look forward to.  Fowler have solved this issue by incorporating an internal finish with nano protection – so literally it just slides off! There are politicians rushing out right now to get themselves coated in nano surfacing technology for the same reason.

Curves baby

To sum up, Fowler has come a long way to solving their performance and styling issues and the Regent is a welcome new edition to their stable. Cleaning and use are a breeze. The biggest downfall – now you’ll want to renovate the bathroom to include a TV and fridge so you can spend more time in there. Got throne envy? Your friendly Bunnings store can help you out!

Loved this product review?  Imagine if it was on video!

Have a nano day!

I, Toldyah



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