OMG – Sprung Bad!

Drat – you found out my secret plans.  Uncovered my quest for world domination *evil cackle*.  Well, David did anyway.

He was scanning Google Mars (as you do on a cold night at home alone) when he discovered a long white thing on Mars. Which was annoying enough – then he had to go tell the bloody world and post a video on YouTube.  He calls it “Bio-Station Alpha”.

BioStation Alpha

I call it my holiday home space station and launch pad for my cunning plan to rule the world. Ooops – did I write that out loud……..   just ignore the strange mental meanderings of an evil genius, my dear readers.

Ah David, how inconvenient. Now I have to use my back up space station on Jupiter.  Luckily that planet is so huge that even David will take years of lonely Saturday nights at home scanning Google Jupiter to find it!

Anyways – Nick Williams is now in on the act finding other weird Mars stuff – I like his YouTube video a whole lot more as it’s a parody – click here for Ski Station Beta on Mars……..

Needless to say people doing all this Mars discovery has delayed my plans to take over the world, then universe, so I am finalising the Toldyah business plan instead.  Back to numbers *sigh*.  The business plan for global domination was so much more fun – the process flow for corrupting heads of state rocks! (note to the CIA and NSA – this is a joke ok, you don’t need to come visit me or my space station which was really built for peaceful organic farming purposes).

There is a silver lining though – I have another idea for a viral campaign for Toldyah prelaunch that I will start developing.  Thank you YouTube – aliens, royal butt sizes and space stations are rich pickings!

BTW – if anyone happens to be wandering around on Mars and needs a place to stay, the keys are under the mat.

I, Toldyah (soon to be Supreme Unbelievably Cool Kingpin Excellency Diva Installed Now)

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