Work It Baby

Well here I am on holidays, although not really holidays ‘cos I have the kidlet with me and an AWOL hubby of doing men’s secret business for 3 days.

So, I spend the daylight hours entertaining and educating the lil one, and her sleep times working and cleaning up.  The holiday bit is in there somewhere.

It’s all good though – I realised how passionate I am about Toldyah when even on holidays I can’t leave the biz alone each day, and I am seriously champing at the bit to get back to getting more done at home!

Even today – our wedding anniversary, and I am blogging LOL.  Hubby is looking at me over the laptop like I am insane.  Perhaps I am, QUICK, someone call the rubber truck and men with the lovely snug white jacket.  Hehe hoho, It’s off to the funny farm I go.

Now, where was I? Ah yes, I am crunching numbers big time – and they are becoming seriously BIG numbers……..  building the website and app – upwards of $500K looks to be the way forward.  Let me just whip out the Visa card to pay for that.   Not mine of course, it would be declined for $50, perhaps some dear reader can lend me theirs?????

OMG – how does a website cost that much….. you don’t think about it when you shopping online at ebay, do a bit of Googling, or checking product info on the LG site (which I love, great design!).  But there is money in building them-thar sites I tells yah!  Trying to convince hubby to learn coding at the mo, but he isn’t having a bar of it!

Anywhoooooooo, so with most parts of the Business Plan finished, the business concept now robust and story boarded, it’s time to really finesse the coding brief.  Uggggggggggh.   In my last blog I mentioned Cyborg C25 for language, but I was mistaken.  I don’t believe the brief can actually be translated from non-techy me to a Nerdy lala techy in words.  So I decided I am going to mime it.

Anyone got white face paint and a stripey shirt?

I, Toldyah

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