Plank my lucky stars

Ah trends – dont yah love ’em.  So many just can’t be predicted, nor understood.

PLANKING is one such example.  Planking…….the art of laying stiffly straight on an object that was not intended for lying upon.  Who thought that one up?

Triple J Planking

I have this weird feeling someone is sitting in a room with a wall of monitors in front of them, thinking up stupid ideas and seeing which ones catch on, all for their own amusement.  If you follow my blog (hi Mr X) then you will agree it is probably a small child, rolling on the floor, eating their bowl-turned-lollipop and laughing hysterically.  BTW – if that job ever becomes available I believe I have a mind both agile and evil enough to take over.

Trends generally have no rhyme or reason, especially the super nova trends like Planking.  I wonder – is that what makes them so hot?  Is the secret ingredient to instant mega fame a dash of the sublime? Is that what I need to discover to make Toldyah’s launch a roaring success?

Do I need to “discover” sphereing – the science of curling up in a ball under your desk…. oh hang on – that one has already been discovered by anyone with a pathological boss.

Perhaps I can discover the extreme sport of telephone pole sitting….nope, that one is already done too…..

This is tougher than it looks!  Think I’ll go plank awhile – see if I can get some inspiration!

Dont forget to take my survey please!

I, Toldyah

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