The Nature of the Beast

Hello – and Happy Mummies Day for all those down under.   Who got brekky in bed?  How many budding Junior Masterchefs treated their mums to a lie in?

What shall I blog on today?  Hmmmmmmmm decisions!

I had the opportunity to see human nature without the shine on Friday evening.  I was fortunate to win a prize for my Cup A Cino recipe (see Cooking Toldyah’s tab above). I made up the recipe over a decade ago for my late mum. It was a big surprise to me and announced via Facebook so my first inkling was when I saw the Facebook entry.  I scrolled through the mostly lovely congratulatory messages to reply my thanks and was hit hard by some nasty comments – OMG. Why?

It reminded me when I have seen cool, harmless videos on Youtube – people click dislike on these videos – why?  Are these people fundamentally flawed to display meanness or is it just that the sunshine just hasn’t burst into their lives enough to allow them to celebrate the good things it offers?

Celebrating is good for the soul, so give it a go people.  Feel the glow from being pleased for someone else!  Just maybe the karma will come back to you hey!

It’s the nature of the human beast to be many things – that is what makes us interesting, varied, and innovative.  Sadly, non-constructive negativity is one of those attributes.  It reminded me that I must ensure the rules of Toldyah protect the generous contributors from the haters.  It’s easy to criticise, much harder to create.  It’s the creative I want to encourage!  Time to reinforce the plan to protect the innocent!

Have a great day!

I, Toldyah


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One response to “The Nature of the Beast”

  1. SMTweet says :

    I agree with your last point. If you are exploring creating a site that allows comment or collaboration, it is crucial to have explicit rules around what you will/will not permit to be posted with clearly defined consequences for infraction. These need to be visible. Moderation of a page is also crucial, and you can state that negative posts or rather, those that personally attack, will be deleted or not approved. Unfortunately, one issue with SM is that people do not regulate their emotions/thoughts in the same way they do offline. We are socialized to censor what we think in public so not to offend; we are not socialized in the same way online, hence these issues are common

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